Juneathon Day 28 Free running.

Today was little mans day with his father so I had some time to myself. I have a goal of running 5km on Sunday in under 35 minutes. I don’t know I’m going to manage that but I’m going to try my hardest. Today I decided I was going to run a different route. I didn’t know how long it was going to take or how far it was. I just ran.

It turned out to be 4:80km. Time wise was pretty naff but I didn’t mind that. I was on a taking it easy run. I needed the run though as my mind was stressed having just opened a brown envelope that contained shit news.

I also signed up today with some of the Porridge on Tuesday ladies to exercise for 25 days of July. I think that’s achievable. I’ve seen so much change in my body this month. In fact the trousers I wore running today kept falling down, annoyingly but in a good way!

If I keep up the exercise the changes are going to keep on coming!


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