Sometimes breastfeeding DOES hurt!

Todays scavenger hunt theme is around dispelling breastfeeding myths, one myth that I really found quite hard to get my head around was the ‘breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt’. I don’t know many women who didn’t a) experience pain for the first few weeks and b) experience pain longer than that! I remember in the early days I was like ‘ok well its normal to be a bit uncomfortable, my nipples have to harden to it’ etc.

And then we reached like 3 months and it wasn’t improving. We’d had his latch checked numerous times and had him checked for tongue and lip tie and every time they were telling me that no it was all fine. But something clearly wasn’t right. We tried thrush medication incase that was the cause and still it didn’t improve.

I remember going to the breastfeeding cafe when he was about 7/8months old and telling the breastfeeding counsellor all the things I had tried. She was shocked I was still going! Thats what determination will do to you!

Eventually at almost 9 months we were suddenly pain free. Nothing had really changed it just stopped. Then again at around the 15 month mark we suddenly experienced pain again for no real reason. I really struggled with it going back to those early days when it hurt all the time having had a period of pain free time but we battled on through despite there being moments when I did question if I could carry on or not. But I managed it and we are still here at 23 months, currently pain free.

Pain shouldn’t happen no but sometimes it does. There is normally a reason, an infection, bad latch, tongue tie, lip tie, thrush and number of things. But occasionally you don’t get to the bottom of it. I wish someone had told me that it could hurt like that, it wouldn’t have put me off feeding because it was something I was passionate about doing but I’d have had a better mindset to deal with it!

If your experiencing pain keep going back and asking the various support outlets for help until you get to the bottom iof it. Nag your GP to give you the RIGHT prescriptions for thrush and infections. This sheet from the breastfeeding network is also really helpful and worth reading if your having trouble with nipple pain, HERE.

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12 thoughts on “Sometimes breastfeeding DOES hurt!

  1. Just a thought, but had you ruled out Raynauds? I had extreme nipple pain for the first 2 months until I found out it was caused by raynauds. Like you I battled on regardless but was in tears at times. Just knowing what was causing it made it so much easier to cope with. I’ve only had occasional flare-ups since then, always resolved by keeping my nips extra cosy for a few days. X

  2. I was told by my gp that my baby was rejecting my milk 😦 I got so upset and 5 weeks on we are exclusively on breast boob and he is gaining weight and following his growth line perfectly! We have simply struggled with reflux (amongst numerous other problems) I was so determined to keep feeding and to be told he was rejecting my milk was horrible (I was even more determined to make it work).

  3. I was told matter of factly by my hairdresser that I wouldn’t be able to breastfeed because I was a redhead! (She was a redhead too).Nonsense!

    Also when my baby was born the hospital wouldn’t let me breastfeed because they said my milk/colostrum was the ‘wrong colour’. I was stubborn. They kept me in for 5 days while they ran tests, I was pumping (and sadly dumping) in the meantime and baby was cup fed formula. 😦 Eventually I got the all clear and I burst into tears, so happy to finally be ‘allowed’to breastfeed and go home. I wish I had called my HV who couldn’t believe what they’d put us through and it was just a case of ‘rusty pipes’. I’m happy to say we are still going at 13 months.

  4. As a peer supporter so many mums come to us saying they have had mastitis/thrush/blockages and their DR has advised them not to feed from the affected breast…..argh! this can cause such a disruption to the breastfeeding relationship and stress both mum and baby out so much.

  5. That ‘you might not produce enough milk’ (said by a paediatrician who failed to notice my daughter’s tongue tie, amongst other idiocies) is very rarely actually true…

  6. I kept being told that lots of people ‘can’t’ breast feed and that I should be prepared not to be too disappointed if I couldn’t. A few can’t, but not as many as is always suggested.

  7. I was told that teeth are nature’s way of saying stop breastfeeding. My daughter got her first teeth at 4 months, way before being ready for solids, so that clearly wasn’t true!

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