#Juneathon 2013 : Day 29 : Speed Work

Wow just one more day to go! June has gone so far and I feel so good for having done Juneathon! Having run my random 4.8k yesterday I debated whether to run today or not. In the end I did do a bit of running. We were playing by the river and eldest was on his scooter so I decided to do a bit of speed work and did some sprints, although couldn’t go at my full speed as eldest would have got angry with me for beating him! But it felt good to do a bit, although I learnt not to run in completely flat shoes that aren’t your running shoes! Ended up with some calf pain on the way home!

Once the kids were in bed tonight I also did a kettlebell workout and some core exercises. I’m really enjoying the kettlebell, when I dont drop it and terrify myself and the neighbours!

Tomorrow I’m going to run a 5km. And I’m going to do it under the time of my 5km on June 1st which was 39m.

Wish me luck!


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