Matilda Mae Skydive – Little ways to help!

Wow its a scary prospect that in just 20 days we will be driving to the airfield and jumping out of a plane in memory of the beautiful Matilda Mae.

A normal Saturday then!

But its not a normal Saturday because its been a long journey getting there filled with wonderful ideas and brainwaves as well as general begging and pleading from the team who have currently raised a total of £3,934.50! How amazing is that! But we aren’t stopping there! Oh no! Our goal is £5000! Tomorrow Me and Rachel have arranged a ladies night and have invited lots of local businesses as well as begged every woman we know to attend! We are hoping it will be a great night!

Last weekend I was insane enough to suggest that if we reached £3555 by the start of July I would dye my hair for a month pink or purple. Well guess what, thanks to some wonderful donations and Britmums collections we reached that £3555 and more! So I set about dying my lovely blonde highlights that cost a bomb every few months and I have coloured it! On Friday I used a pre-lightener on it to make sure it brought the colour out well. I’d never used home bleach on my hair before and tbh I was terrified! But it worked well, heres the before and after:
blonde lightener

On Saturday afternoon (having read the leaflet in the morning which said hair past chin length needed two boxes, so off I trotted) my mum set to work at smothering my hair in purple! Now I say purple but to me the colour is more pink/purple I think! Either way its come out really well I think! I can’t quite get used to it at the moment, I keep catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror and being like, who the hells that? I feel like a teenager again! But if it gives me a talking point and a reason to talk about the skydive with even more people who might want to donate then I’m game! Here was the end result:
pink purple hair


Now in other big hair related news this week the lovely Vicx posted in our team facebook group to say that when she reaches her target of £395 on her page HERE she will allow us to chop of her WAIST LENGTH HAIR at the airfield on 20th July! I couldn’t believe my eyes when she posted that! And not only that but she will be donating the hair to a charity who use it to make wigs for children with cancer so she’s going to be helping TWO good causes! I really admire Vicx for doing that because if I’d grown my hair out that long I don’t know that I could do that! So why not go and give her a few quid or text ‘MMSD63 £2’ to 70070 (You can replace the £2 with a figure of your choosing)

There are also THREE other ways you can support the Lullaby Trust!

Firstly Monika has arranged with Thinking Slimmer for them to support the lullaby trust if you join her on her journey of weight loss. For those that aren’t aware Monika is working hard to lose 2 stone in 11 weeks in order to do the jump!

Thinking Slimmer are giving a 15% discount to anyone who wants to join Monika on her slimming journey with the help of Thinking Slimmer slimpods and supporting The Lullaby Trust in the process:

Thinking Slimmer have kindly agreed to:

  • Donate £5.00 to The Lullaby Trust if you buy a basic Slimpod
  • Donate £7.00 to The Lullaby Trust if you buy a Slimpod Plus
  • Or if you buy two products they will donate £10.00! For your special 15% discount use the discount code FORLULLABY at the checkout.

Secondly Barefoot books are having a flash sale on song and story books with CDs in preparation for the summer holidays and longer and shorter road trips. Buying using code 000-1d0o-7750 triggers a 15% donation to The Lullaby Trust.

And finally incase you missed it Jennie announced this week a new partnership between MiaTui bags (whose bags are just flamin awesome!) and the Lullaby Trust in line with their new bag which has been named Matilda Mae. For every Matilda Mae bag that is purchased 10% will go straight to The Lullaby Trust until the end of July. Jennie is also hosting a linky where you could win one of the gorgeous Matilda Mae bags by writing about a special name you have chosen.



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