Porridge On Tuesday Ambassador: Trying new things

Last week having done a few really good weeks of following the Porridge on Tuesday plans I totally fell off the wagon. Chocolate, Cake, Cheese Twists, you name it I had it! I went into a real low after our fantastic ladies night that me and Rachel arranged on the Monday. I was sad it was all over and in awe of how it had gone but felt lost not having any planning to do anymore and so emotional eating kicked in. I still managed to get out for a 4k run on Thursday which was good but I just couldn’t get back on track with the eating. But back to normal this weekend. Sunday morning shopping in prep for the week.


So this week we are going to be having

Coriander Dhal and Rice

Cheesy Beans & Rice

New Potato Cheesy Bake (Which tastes amazing)

Mushroom and Potato Curry  (Subject to change due to work)

Courgette and Mozzarella Pasta – New to us

Veggie Sausages and Mash.

I’m also going to begin a new running plan this week and aim for running 3 times a week. Hopefully Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. My goal is to get up to 10km, currently trying to find a 10km event in early October time that I can aim for. I like to have something to push towards! I’m also going to get back on the wagon with exercising more frequently and aim to do the exercise videos supplied on the POT website, I’ve slacked off since Juneathon ended and need to get back on the wagon in all aspects!

I’m still too terrified to get on the scales. I can see my body changing slowly but I hate that I always get on the scales and they tell me what I don’t want to know! So for now I’m ignoring that they exist!


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