This Saturday…

I’m going to jump out of a plane in memory of a beautiful baby girl, Matilda Mae. A beautiful baby girl who was taken to soon by SIDS, something that is totally random and doesn’t discriminate or choose according to health, gender, class, race anything. It is random. I remember following Jennie’s pregnancy with Matilda on her blog. I’d read Jennie’s blog for a while before that too. I can remember reading Jennie’s birth story for Matilda and then watching her grow. And I can also vividly remember the day that the news broke of Matilda’s passing and crying as I read Jennie’s tweets. I, like so many around the world, were shocked and couldn’t get my head around how fast it had all happened. How is it that you put your healthy 9 month old to bed happy and smiling and a few hours later she is gone? And the only reason provided is SIDS. Something that they still can’t say why it happens.

When I was 16 and I had my first son I was terrified of SIDS. I would poke him frequently whilst he was sleeping to make sure he was still breathing. I remember the car journey home, I was frequently asking if he was still breathing. I had severe paranoia over it like many first time parents. With no2 who is 2 this month I was a little better although still very aware of it. He’d always slept with me, on me, beside me but I was still terrified it could happen. It was my worst nightmare. It is every parents worst nightmare. And for Jennie that nightmare became reality.

And that is why this Saturday myself and the 8 other women who stepped forward when I suggested a skydive will be facing our fears and jumping out of a plane. We’re all scared. I don’t think any of us are feeling massively confident about it. Its the unknown for me. Its not knowing that that plunging to earth moment is going to feel like. Its that not knowing if I’m going to remember any of it afterwards. Its that fear of What if? But do you know one thing, I haven’t for a moment considered chickening out because my person page has raised over £800 and our team has raised over £4700. £4700 which is going to the Lullaby Trust to help them support families affected by SIDS. To support the amazing work they do. But it hasn’t all been about the money, its also been about the awareness. Many bloggers now know who the Lullaby Trust are but they need to help spread the word. At our ladies night so many women said to me they had never heard of the charity before. That they didn’t know the figures for SIDS. That they didn’t know it could affect babies at 9 months (they thought it only affected small babies). Its been about educating too.1040636_10151751199502812_1038030763_o

On Friday I am going to have the pleasure to finally meet two bloggers who’ve blogs I have read and followed for years. Jennie and Susanne. I’m also going to get to meet Sarah, Julie, Michelle, Vicx, Hazel finally and see Monika and Rachel again! We are going to be supported on the ground by Jennie, Lucy and family and friends. But none of them can come up in that plane with us. None of them can take our place. Its something we have vowed we would do. And we will. No matter how terrifying it is.

If everyone could please say a quick prayer for the instructor im strapped to to be gorgeous, 24-30 and single I’d appreciate it 😉  If you can’t make that dream come true then please sponsor our team and help my dream of raising £5000 for the lullaby trust become a reality!

Thank you!


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