#MMskydive Thank You’s!


Today I jumped out of a plane. I say jumped but it wasn’t a jump because I was hung over the edge, dangled, and then pushed by the instructor from 14,000 ft. Amazing.

I need to say a few thank You’s before I write my big post that I can’t quite get words for yet.

Firstly thank you to my fellow jumpers for all saying ‘yes I will’ when I said who wants to jump. I never thought my lone idea of me doing it and maybe one or two others would turn into what it did! It was amazing and I loved every second of it. We’ve been in it together and we have achieved more than I dreamed we would. The team total currently stands at over £6000!!

Thank you to our ground crew who supported us today including our families, friends, twitter friends, all who were there were amazing uttering words of encouragement and providing hugs, cake, donuts, alcohol and support when required.

Thank you to TwoTen who payed for our hotel last night which meant we could all meet ahead of the big day and bond, and get a good nights sleep! And for turning up at the crack of dawn with champers and non alcoholic beverages for when we landed! Chris, you ROCK!

Thank you to every single person that has donated! No matter what amount you have made the difference. I know for all of us knowing we had raised so much in Matilda’s memory really helped get us out that door today. I have raised £1000 individually that I never thought I would do and the team has raised over £6000! It’s just mind blowing and I never in a million years thought we would make this much! THANK YOU!

Thank you to everyone who tweeted support, commented, liked, +1’d, RT’d and helped spread the word. We were trending for the majority of the day on twitter which was just AMAZING! You’ve all helped spread the word about Matilda Mae and the legacy she leaves behind. You’ve helped raise the awareness of SIDS and supported us. It has meant SO much!

A really really big huge thank you to Jennie for coming and being at the airfield today. I know it was an incredibly emotional day but it meant so much to have you there with us. Thank you for the bubbles so we could send bubble kisses to Matilda. Thank you for the hugs which I think were all needed by both parties and thank you for the overall support and letting me go ahead with this insane idea I had to spread the word about SIDS and Matilda Mae. And as I said today, this isn’t the end!!

When I can think a bit more straight tomorrow I will write about the actual jump tomorrow with lots of photos. But for now I leave you with a THANK YOU!!!!!!!




8 thoughts on “#MMskydive Thank You’s!

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you guys really are amazing!! Matilda Mae was up there in the sky with you and with you all the way down I’m sure of it. Her legacy grows more and more amazing thanks to incredible ladies like you and her brave, brave mummy. I feel so emotional for you all!!! Great job. x x x x

  2. I would just like to congratulate you all, you truely are both brave and an inspiration for others to follow, what seemed a lonesome crazy idea has put matilda-mae and (the charity) in the forefront of the minds of all the tweeters out there and beyond.so well done to each and everyone of you, can’t wait to read the actual jump story.

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