A mindblowingly amazing day : #MMSkydive

Yesterday was amazing. I am still struggling to put it into words to be honest with you. It was an emotion fuelled day and one I won’t forget for a long time!

It started with me waking at 5am starving hungry and feeling a bit worked up. My heart was racing and I couldn’t get myself back to a proper sleep. I crept to the loo and then popped my headphones in with my mediation on and just laid there until about 6:45 when I decided enough was enough and I might as well hit twitter. I scheduled a bunch of tweets to go out through the day and checked in with the team. We headed down to breakfast as I knew the way I am with low blood sugar I needed to eat! So I grabbed a bowl of special K and a yoghurt. I then felt much worse for it and sitting in the car was having hideous stomach cramps. Took just 20 minutes to reach the airfield and once we were there I started to feel a tad calmer. Maybe. Just a tiny bit!

PubSkydive55 (copy)

We started by signing our life away on a few forms before queuing up to ‘register’. Some of the team had got their early and so were on the first plane of 3 and then we joined on after. We made a quick decision on who was going with who and got weighed (thankfully couldn’t see the scales) and signed up for our videos if we wanted them! Then we were told to just go and wait to be called for our briefing.

At that point we went outside and had our first group photo and then Chris from TwoTen arrived, the lovely company who sponsored the hotel costs! He also very kindly brought down some lovely bubbly with him! In bags with ice!

PubSkydive69 (copy)

PubSkydive54 (copy)

PubSkydive70 (copy)

Eventually we were called into our briefing and we were told that the parachutes have a computer onboard which would deploy the chute if we reached a certain height and it wasn’t out. However he said they had never needed to use it. So I of course had to ask how they knew it worked then, cue a few looks from the team 😉

Jennie took a very attractive photo of me!
Jennie took a very attractive photo of me!

And then we headed back out. To wait and wait and wait and wait! Whilst we were waiting we cut off Vicx’s hair! She had declared that if she reached her target she would let us chop off her waist length hair! And she reached her target! So there we were with scissors and cutting away at her lovely hair!

Vicx Collage

I don’t know how long we waited for the first plane to go up as I made a point of not looking at my watch! Eventually our first plane was called and Julie, Sarah and Hazel went to get kitted up with their instructors. Eventually they came out suited and booted and ready to rock and roll. A quick photo opportunity and they were off to their plane.



They were soon taking off and then we had to wait around for them to emerge from the clouds, we had by that point sussed that ‘Tandem Catchers Get Ready’ being announced on the tannoy meant they were coming down! And before long they all emerged! By this stage team 2 were getting ready to go and many tears were being shed in every direction I think!

PubSkydive46 (copy)


Vicx, Susanne and Mumonthebrink’s hubby (who had stepped in just 24 hours before hand) were off and away and we were watching Hazel, Sarah and Julie landing! Me, Rachel and Michelle were still milling around and before long were called to get ready too. I was soon meeting my instructor and getting kitted up, we had a nice chat about our boys as we had children quite similar and he distracted me talking about that I think!



I went out and was introduced to my cameraman and chatted with Jennie and our other ground crew whilst I waited for Michelle and Rachel to be ready.

GirlsThey soon were and everyone got together, all the cameramen, instructors and the green light was given, we said our goodbyes and had a tearful hug with Jennie, which then sent me into tears as we walked down to meet the plane. Whilst we were waiting we got the bubbles out again and all blew some bubble kisses to Matilda Mae. It wasn’t a long wait before the plane arrived and suddenly it all seemed rather real! We were actually doing this. Rachel boarded first with her instructor, then me, my instructor and cameraman and then Michelle and her instructor and cameraman. We were within touching distance of each other and Rachel grabbed my hand for a quick squeeze and I don’t think I let her go for the whole flight!

However I was really shocked at how calm I was. The flight felt like 4 hours rather than 15 minutes. I was taking in the scenery and when we got above the clouds I just felt totally at peace like I never have before. I felt as if Matilda was with us watching over us and I just knew everything was going to be ok. Me and Rachel chatted a little bit going up but mainly we were both just absorbing it all. Eventually we reached the correct height and I climbed onto my instructors lap so he could harness us up properly, goggles on and in place and we were good to go. Michelle was first out and watching her go just sent me into an OMG moment and I started screaming pretty quick I think! Rachel seems to think it sounded more like whooping! I hope so! Either way it suddenly got bloody real. I was hanging over the doorway, eyes closed it seems from the photos and we were out, tumbling and then floating! It was such a surreal feeling! But I loved it! Minus the not being able to breathe properly feeling which did get me a bit panicky and watching the video I can see me struggling a bit. You just couldn’t take breaths properly and no matter which way I angled my head I just couldn’t get any decent amount of air in. fallingThe parachute was soon pulled and we were thrust upwards as it took hold, and completely took me by surprise which my Mum thinks is hilarious on the DVD! Then we glided down though the clouds. So peaceful. Matilda was in my mind the whole time. I felt safe and calm. It was an amazing feeling. As we came through the clouds I first looked for the airfield which I quickly spotted and once a bit lower I started looking up because I wanted to see Rachel, I could see Michelle ahead of me coming into land and knew I would be. My instructor made some lovely tight turns which feel really strange on your body and was soon giving me the legs up and straight speech. I am told by the ground crew I had the loudest landing with me saying ‘Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god’ and according to them no one else did that?! I don’t believe this … ok maybe I do! I tend to be quite vocal! We landed and I was shocked that my legs were working! I thought they would feel like total jelly but they didn’t! A couple of photos later and I spotted Rachel and ran over and into her arms! A bit of a relief that we had both survived I think!

DownWe walked over and everyone was waiting for us! I grabbed Jennie for a tearful hug and my mum who told me she was proud of me which totally set me off!! Then Susanne appeared and I wanted to make sure she wasn’t mad at me! When she had gone up she’d been pretty terrified and seeing as this was all my idea I felt like it was on my head! thankfully she said she LOVED it!

And do you know what I loved it to. I was gutted it was over so fast. I wanted to do it all again straight away. We have already decided there will be a #MMSkydive2 and we will make it even bigger next year! It was just amazing and if I could do that daily I would.

We grabbed some pink bubbly and all had a bit of a debrief of how it was for everyone before gradually heading off. Many hugs later and it was time to leave one another, but I know we’ll all see each other again soon! I have more daredevil plans that I will tell you all about soon!

overall PubSkydive7 (copy)

We haven’t stopped raising money and the total now stands at over £6000. Please visit my THANK YOU post too if you have tweeted or helped spread the word in anyway, it is for you.

If you think we rock, were brave, insane, nutty, amazing or just plain stupid to fall to the earth through the clouds then please visit our team page and sponsor us!


For more photos please visit facebook.com/simplyhayleyblog



5 thoughts on “A mindblowingly amazing day : #MMSkydive

  1. You are amazing to have organised this! Thank you for creating an event which felt like we were really making a difference.

    It was true about the Oh my God, Oh my God bit! You were very vocal and then that hug with Rachel was lovely to watch.

  2. You are amazing to have organised this! Thank you for creating an event which felt like we were really making a difference.

    It was true about the Oh my God, Oh my God bit! You were very vocal and then that hug with Rachel was lovely to watch.

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