Bouncy fun! #CountryKids

Last Sunday I drove a 40 mile round trip to pick up a trampoline. A nice big 13ft trampoline. It was a bargain on eBay and I’d been looking for one for ages but did not want to spend alot.

I drove over in my little ford focus and we played a game of jigsaw in trying to fit in all in. But it did fit and I came home and built it with my mum and brothers girlfriend. Took us less than an hour which I was really impressed with!

Since then the boys have had a field day bouncing on it. I’ve been on it with them a lot and its been lovely watching youngest learn how to actually bounce. At the start of the week he was simply bending his knees a bit but not leaving the mat. Now he’s actually managing to jump up a little bit.


Eldest is loving it and I’ve taught him how to do seat drops on it.

I also discovered its a great form of entertainment that lasts at least half an hour at a time! The boys are constantly nagging me to go down to the garden so they can play again.

However I’ve discovered although its a great form of exercise, doing seat drops when your 23 isn’t the same as when your 13 and I now have back pain as a result. Whoops!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


5 thoughts on “Bouncy fun! #CountryKids

  1. Wow I am surprised you fit a 13ft in your focus!
    We have had a 14ft for many years so can really understand you driving the distance, well worth it – hope you have many years of bouncy fun.

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