Growing confidence at Coombe Mill

This week we have been lucky enough to be holidaying at the amazing coombe mill itself. We stayed here because so many other bloggers have been on holidays here and said its wonderful! So I wanted in!

There is so much to say about this holiday that it will stretch a few posts!

One of the key features has been the feed runs which take place everyday at 9am. Not everyone comes out but a key group of us have been out come rain or shine this week every single day!

The children have been able to help with everything from throwing chickens over fences with Farmer Nick, hunting for eggs, cutting branches for the goats, feeding donkeys bread rolls and chasing deer through the forest.

Watching my boys interact with the animals this week has been a highlight. Littlest has been cautious but has got more adventuresome as the week went on and even stood next to a a goat face to face! Eldest was just in his element the whole week and adored being part of the feed runs everyday!

All the children have changed and grown. Some didn’t like riding te tractor at the start of the week and by the end were driving it. The routine helps build their confidence I think. They know what to expect and they know the order the feed run goes in.

Eldest is so proud of his certificate which he got from Farmer Nick to say thanks for helping!

Littlest has learnt tons of new words this week ranging from tractor to chicken!!

We leave tomorrow and there’s no official feed run but we’re going to do our own one. We’ll grab some bags of food from reception and take our scraps bucket and say goodbye to all the animals. I have a feeling there will be tears.

I’m sad we’re leaving. Maybe next year will be two weeks! 😉


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


4 thoughts on “Growing confidence at Coombe Mill

  1. Hayley I love this post. I am so pleased Coombe Mill didn’t disapoint. When you read so much on line I am always worried someone will come and just not “get” what we are about. That certainly didn’t apply to you. I was so pleased to have met you, the boys and your parents. A lovely family that really did “get” Coombe Mill! I hope we will see you again.

  2. it was lovely to meet you and your gorgeous boys. i love that your eldest recioeved a certificate and that on your final morming you will be doing your own feed run. fingers crossed you will get those 2 weeks next year x

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