Lollibop. The good, the bad and the ugly

Over the last few years I’ve seen alot of bloggers write about Lollibop and as a result I had very high expectations. ‘An amazing day out, so much fun, loads to do’ etc. On Thursday I got a bit anxious that maybe my hopes were too high. And I was right. They were.

The Good

  • Science Museum and Discovery Channel tent. Eldest got to play with gloop and see a real meerkat.
  • Alex Winters on stage was really engaging and much better than Dick and Dom (who we’d gone to watch) to be honest I would have preferred to have watched Alex for an hour.
  • Youngest found a postman pat which he stood watching obsessively for a while.
  •  Titan the robot. We’ve seen him at Butlins and knew he was good so I let mum and eldest go and join the huge ‘buggy-unfriendly’ crowd and me and littlest went to try and find something for him.
  • Little Tikes Playhouse Village which didn’t have a queue. Possibly the only thing that didn’t have a queue aside the toilets.
  • Parentdish stands where some of the ex games makers were working and mum spotted two of her friends so they had a natter. We left granny chatting and reminiscing about the Olympics and found cloud babies starting.
  • Top Trumps Game Tent which eldest enjoyed.
  • The Giant Little Tikes car! The boys loved sitting in it together!

The Bad

  • Lack of signs at Stratford international.
  • For little legs its a long walk from the station to Lollibop and tbh I think seeing as that part of east London has no traffic they would benefit from a shuttle bus service!
  • Staff at the gates directing you to the wrong place and then handing out wrong wristbands or no wristbands at all. They also didn’t know what the wristbands they were handing out entitled you to.
  • 20 minutes into dick and Dom it became painful watching. They looked bored and it wasn’t flowing well. Eldest requested we move on which I gladly did.
  • The River Island design tent was empty but we were told they were fully booked yet there were two kids in there. We tweeted about this and were told they shouldn’t be taking lists however they definitely were. Another disappointment.
  • Queues queues everywhere and in some cases crowds! I’ve seen shorter queues at the O2 for the women’s toilets than they had here for the face painting, Skylanders and more. My children don’t queue. They are kids. It’s not a skill they’re learnt yet. So we skipped all that!
  • For characters there was no organised queuing system. They should take a leaf out of Butlins book and have designated areas for the meets and proper queue lines, it was like a mass crush trying to reach Peppa Pig!
  • No details of food places on the map. I like going places and checking on the map where I want to eat. The food places were spread out all over the place so hard to browse with kiddies. A list on the map of stalls would be helpful. And keeping food stalls nearer together. We ended up eating at Westfields because we couldn’t clearly see anything the boys would have.

Lollibop collage

The Ugly

Mammasaurus said this too, the venue leaves alot to be desired. I was gutted to see the Olympic Park in the state it currently is. We went to the Paralympics last year and the park was amazing. I remember walking laps of the stadium whilst the athletics were on trying to get little man to sleep. There were little canals and streams, lots of greenery everywhere, as far as the eye could see. The only concrete was on the paths. Now its a concrete jungle effectively. It is supposedly being built on but at present its just a pile of rubble in most places with the DLR tracks weaving in and out. Theres a bridge that goes nowhere. Its literally been taken half down. It just looks sad. When I heard Lollibop was going to be at the Olympic Park I thought, yay that olympic atmosphere, but its gone. All gone. I’m guessing the venue was chosen because of the location, after all everyone wants a piece of the stadium etc but having never been to the Regents Park one I can’t say for certain it is better but a bit of greenery doesn’t go amiss! The atmosphere in general didn’t feel festivally or overally child friendly or anything, if anything I’d say that was the key thing I felt it lacked, an atmosphere.

Would I pay to go again? 

I absolutely wouldn’t. I was horrified when I learnt of the prices. I would probably have been even more gutted if we’d gone and spent £100+ on tickets to just spend the day queueing!

Enjoyment factor:

Eldest seems to have enjoyed it, he has asked to go back again. Mummy enjoyed spending time with her boys and catching up with fellow bloggers such as Fi as well as chatting with Little Tikes about all their products. But mummy didn’t enjoy ‘Lollibop’ in the way she had anticipated from such hype previously!

Disclosure: We were kindly given tickets by Little Tikes with no obligation to post anything, this post was written in view of my own opinions. 



10 thoughts on “Lollibop. The good, the bad and the ugly

  1. Hi, the lack of a “festival feeling” is EXACTLY what the problem was. We had an excellent day, but not for the reasons we expected. We could have been in a room with Wow Toys, Little Tikes and Lego Duplo and have had the same amount of fun. We did have a really really good day out but not as if we were at a festival. I have reviewed it too. Not having been at the Olympics, I loved the bits of green we got to at the outskirts of Lollibop via the Lolli Promenade. There was such a relaxed vibe out there, the hubby even rolled down a hill in full view of people in broad daylight. We really chilled out there and played with the London Undergound stuff. It was a welcome break and as I did not know what the park looked like before I was not gutted. I haven’t been to Lollibop before so wasn’t comparing it to Regent Street, plus I have spent a whole day in Hampstead Heath and a whole day in Hyde Park recently, so the wilderness and wildlife look of the Olympic Park was a refreshing change (the bit we discovered anyhow).
    P.S. Great review, really enjoyed reading it.

  2. Haha how funny at the end to see Little Tikes paid for your tickets….and guess what no queue at Little Tikes….there were def queues the three times my little went in. Not that I’m complaining, we got in quick as managed to just join and squeeze in next round. Plus when Justin was on the main stage it was quieter there but still THERE WAS A QUEUE…lol

    1. I haven’t said there wasn’t a queue. We actually didn’t go into the little tikes area because there was a queue. However the playhouse village which was further off to the left didn’t have a queue.

  3. Oh how rubbish 😦 I thought about going to that as we’re in Essex so it would have been pretty close, but I’m glad we didn’t bother. Such a shame as you and the kids tend to look forward to these things so it’s especially sad when it’s not as good as you hoped. Picnic in the park instead next year??!

  4. I know slightly different but my friends took their kids to Camp Bestival and said it was amazing and they would definitely return (although v.expensive too). I had wanted to go to Lollibop but your review was very refreshing and enlightening and looks like they’ve got a few things to change to make it a success

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  6. What a shame you had such a full day of queuing, were you there Sat too? We went on Sunday and I think it might not have been so bad, it was busy in the morning but the afternoon was wonderful! Awwww we loved Dick & Dom but sounds like they were having an off day too – linked to you in my post xx

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