Webcams in nurseries. Would you watch?

I remember a few years ago hearing about nurseries starting to install webcams for parents to view whilst their child was at nursery. At the time I didn’t have a school aged child so didn’t think much of it.

Now my youngest will be starting this September at a nursery who uses webcams. That’s not why he’s going there obviously. He’s going because its small and ideal as a first nursery in my eyes. When we visited I mentioned the webcam thing and the manager said its more so parents have peace of mind that the staff are actually interacting with the children. I’ve walked into two nurseries before where the children were being ignored whilst staff gossiped over a cuppa or sat on their phones and needless to say I made sure my child went no where near staying there. So on that side of things I love the idea of being able to check in on him and make sure he’s ok and staff are interacting.

But the flip side is that what if I turn it on and I see him upset. The staff dealing with it in a way I don’t approve of? I’d be inclined to jump in the car, pick him up. I tend to attachment parent mainly and so my way of comforting him and coping with meltdowns can be different to ‘mainstream’ ideas and although I accept him being in a mainstream nursery witnessing him upset and not being dealt with in a way he’s used to would upset me.

Part of me is inclined not to get the webcam and think ‘ignorance is bliss’ but I think then I’d be stressing over his every emotion when he’s at home and wondering if something happened.

What would you do? Get the webcam login or not?


9 thoughts on “Webcams in nurseries. Would you watch?

  1. I personally wouldn’t get a webcam. I feel a bit weirded out by being able to spy on my kids like that, but I guess that’s just me. If you are happy with the staff and nursery and feel he will settle, and they will do a good job, then I’d say leave the webcam.

  2. I think if you trust the nursery and the staff I wouldn’t get the login details….
    Yes it would be nice to see your child playing, happy and learning but on the other hand if he is having a moment and is upset imagine how you’ll feel….Like you said jump in the car and pick him up and probably by the time you get there he would be over what was upsetting him and be fine….
    Good luck to your little one starting nursery x

  3. I’ve never heard of this, but I think it’s madness. If we could see what our kids were doing every minute of every day, we’d go crazy.
    Quite often things happen that might seem very upsetting, but if the staff (or the kids themselves) are left to sort it out in time, it blows over and becomes old news. Nursery is the first chance they get to experience a little independence from you. If you think you’re going to step in and get involved with every little bump in the road, then don’t watch.
    Personally, I’d speak to other parents about the nursery and ask your son to tell you what he thinks once he starts going. If there are no concerns, then place your trust in them.
    Because when he goes to school, you won’t be able to watch over him. He’s going to have to learn to deal with upsets on his own.

  4. Sorry to hear that Hayley. I’m sure he’ll get there. My friend’s son wasn’t talking – until he went to a good nursery and now she’s starting him in school and he won’t shut up. I still reckon webcams just torture the parents though.

  5. I remember a former colleague of mine sending her child to a nursery with a webcam when she went back to work. She ended up moving him to another nursery because she couldn’t stop herself from watching all day long when she was back at work!

  6. I think I’d never stop watching it at work! And I rather feel that if I needed to be watching a webcam to check on my daughters then I have trust issues with the nursery and should be moving the girls not long distance parenting.

  7. I don’t think I would like to watch. The reason Cameron goes to nursery is to be away from me and socialise with other children and I get a break. I trust Cameron’s nursery so have no reason to watch him whilst he is there.

    Thank you for linking up with The Weekend Blog Hop

    Laura x x x

  8. I think I would get the login details and store them somewhere but not use them unless I had a concern. Only problem is whether you get the sound to go with it.

    When our son was about 2 he started biting other children a lot…and so was put on bite watch. It lasted about a week but I think I would have liked to have seen what was going on and why he was biting other children. I was happy with the way the staff were dealing with him

    Either way – if the nursery has installed it – it means that they know they are being watched whether it is by yourself or another parent and can only be a good thing whether you log in or not.

    Good luck x

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