Healthy Meal Planning with Porridge on Tuesday

Over the summer I’ve not been so great with meals. Money has been insanely tight to the point I’ve been making meals up out of whats in the cupboard. We’ve been on holiday too which meant I wasn’t able to cook ‘my’ meals I like as my Dads rather choosy. But with the holidays nearing their end I want to get us all back into a bit more of a routine and ready for the school days to hit again.

I’ve been trying to follow the Porridge on Tuesday plan as much as possible. Although I’ve lost no weight (which I believe is due to underlying health problems) I have found that the Porridge on Tuesday dinner suggestions have revitalised my menu! I’m not great for inspiration and tend to stick to the same old meals all the time! I’m a big pasta lover and have managed to transfer myself onto Wholewheat pasta as much as possible although its a pain when you want to buy fresh pasta as no where stocks fresh wholewheat pasta!

Heres my plan for this weeks dinners, I’ll let you know next weekend how much I managed/didn’t manage to stick to it!

Monday: Baked Sweet Potato and Cheesy Beans

Tuesday: Cheesy Leek Frittata (Nice and quick before I go to work)

Wednesday: Spanish Pepper and Potato Omelette (Another quick meal before work)

Thursday: Pesto Halloumi with Grilled Vegetables

Friday: Cheesy Beans and Rice

Over the summer despite me losing no weight I’ve kept up with my running 3 x a week, with at least one of those being a 5km and I’ve been pole dancing once a week. I also got a bargain pole on ebay so I will be able to continue pole dancing at home which I’m really excited about! I’ve just got to make the room. I’m also vowing to plan my meals better over the coming weeks but have to be careful with keeping meals cheap as we have nothing in the bank at the moment.


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