Postcards from Coombe Mill


A few weeks ago we spent a week at the lovely Coombe Mill. It is an amazing place that words simply cannot describe. You have to see it to believe it. But here are a few select photos of our wonderful week!

The wonderful Willow, 3 bedroomed cottage where we stayed.


Despite rain on the first few days the boys thrived in the rain, throwing on their raincoats and jumping into their wellies whenever the playground was mentioned or the feedrun!

Coombe Mill is a place to grow minds and expand confidence in children. It was fascinating watching them as the time went on.


Its not everyday you get to handle chicks, although it is everyday that we were at Coombe Mill!


Little man was cautious of most of the animals but on a few occasions he embraced it all!


From Coombe Mill there are so many places within a short distance where you can enjoy a family day out, such as Lappa Valley.

postcard 6

Generally I’m not a big pig fan. But over the week I grew a soft spot for Sally. Shes going to be a teenage mum any day now!


Due to various study/work/life commitments I’d barely picked my camera up in the past few months but being in such beautiful surroundings inspired me and over the week I took 3000 photos. I took this of my Dad the day we were at the Eden Project, we went off in search of beautiful flowers to photograph and it became a bit of a competition to see who could get the better angle!




We’ll be back again next year and I can’t flamin wait! Hopefully we’ll squeeze in a trip before then too. I’d even visit alone as a single mum without my folks and thats saying something because theres very few places I have the energy to face going solo on holiday! Coombe Mill has everything under one roof, you don’t need to leave the site if you dont want to!


3 thoughts on “Postcards from Coombe Mill

  1. Oh Hayley I love your postcards. Each one tells such a story and what wonderful photos they are. Love the editing on them, just amazing in every way. A beautiful way to showcase highlights from the week. Thank you.

  2. I think I fancy a visit myself, it looks like an ideal holiday spot and would be handy for attractions we want to visit in the area 🙂 Love your photo’s x

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