Not all parents dig #backtoschool

I’ve noticed this week a large number of companies using their social media for comments such as ‘How many parents are relieved the kids are back to school?’ etc. I have to say that assumption REALLY bugs me!

My eldest returned to school today and I hated it. Not only did I hate it but his baby brother did too. Mr 2yr old has had the summer at home with him having someone to play with and today after we’d dropped him off and got in the car he looked at his brothers car seat and saw he wasn’t there and promptly cried. So then I cried. I’d held it in when eldest had clung to me in the playground and had gone off with his teacher, mainly because it was his old teacher who took his hand and I knew he would be ok with her. He gave me a small smile as he walked with his line into class but it cut deep. I know how much he despises school. He reminds me so much of myself. I hate that I can’t give the time to homeschool him at the moment. If I wasn’t doing my degree I would.

Image courtesy of digitalart/
Image courtesy of digitalart/

We had an amazing summer and settled into our own little routine over the summer, lazy mornings, lots of garden fun, days out. I’m gutted its over. It went way too fast and I didn’t get to do half the things I had hoped to with him. I’d wanted to go to London and do the Science Museum. I’d wanted us to go swimming. I’d wanted us to go to the beach to see our friend. We didn’t get to do those. Time and finances didn’t allow for it.

Now for six weeks school will zap the energy from my child. He will come home tired. I won’t know what he did for 6 hours of 5 days a week. I will have to trust in the staff (something I generally dont do well), all before I’m allowed just one week with him to squeeze in fun and memories. I’m going to try and fill the weekends with as much fun as possible!

But even with fun weekends I still resent schools and the education system.

Do you miss your kids when they are at school? 



4 thoughts on “Not all parents dig #backtoschool

  1. I feel the same. My daughter loves school and is very happy to be back, but I have loved the summer holidays and the relaxed time, and not having to rush off in the mornings, and I miss her, a lot. I am not a helicopter parent, but I do like being around my kids and having them at home with me. Mind you, they were both squabbling so much this morning, because they had been up early and were tired, that I was quite glad to send one off to school so the other could then have a quiet nap and calm could be restored and they will be delighted to see each other at school pick up. I also reckon they squabble more when she is at school and then comes home, than when they are with each other more of the time.
    School is great, and I am very grateful for it, but that doesn’t mean I skip with joy at the end of the holidays.

  2. yes and yes, I had a summer much like yours lazy days relaxing doing nothing much but being together and thats ok, we too missed a few of our wants including the beach this year, and as nice as it is to be quiet at home i miss them.

  3. Funny, I felt the same. We had such a nice time over the summer. My twins are 7 now and somewhat easier to manage. And they are at an age where they are really interesting to talk to. I’ll miss them when they are at school. I thought our 7 weeks of summer flew by.

  4. So sorry that the return to school is hard for you. I have mixed feelings about it. He gets a lot of experiences at school that I just can’t provide but I do feel the day is too much for him and he gets too much homework.

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