A Wicked Night Out!

I apologise! I’m sure that title has been done to the death by dozens of bloggers and journalists etc! But I couldn’t help it 😉

On Saturday night thanks to Seatwave I was able to take my lovely special surrogate mummy to see Wicked up in London! I’ve seen it twice before but I knew she would love it. Today is her birthday so I made it a bit of an early birthday treat and we went up to London early and had a bite to eat before venturing to the theatre.

We got there and brought our programmes, its kind of a tradition of mine! And I discovered the dude from Emmerdale was playing Fiyero, we also recognised a few other faces from TV. The show started a little later than advertised but nothing major and soon they were belting out the fantastic songs that I know off by heart now having listened to the soundtrack regularly for about 3 years! One of my favourite things about Wicked is how many songs it contains! I know it sounds daft but Ive seen some ‘musicals’ that contain only a small amount of songs! Wicked isn’t like that, its fast paced and fantastic songs. Some really catchy songs and some awesome lyrics too! My absolute favourite is Defying Gravity, mainly because the lyrics really resonate with me!

And if I’m flying solo
At least I’m flying free

I have to admit I couldn’t totally remember the ending to Wicked either so I was very pleased when it was a relative happy ending. For those that don’t know what Wicked is about (because the name doesn’t give much away!) its like a preceding bit to the Wizard of Oz. And thats all I’m going to say or I’ll spoil it for you!

I still need to go and see it again so I can take my Mum! And afterall I have an even numbers OCD so seeing it 4 times is perfectly acceptable right….

There are so many shows on in London at the moment that I think theatre tickets are a great present for Xmas!

Disclosure: Tickets received free for purpose of review.



One thought on “A Wicked Night Out!

  1. AW I have yet to see this and it is my ‘must-see show. Hubby and I used to go to the shows all the time before the tiddlers came along and now I spend so much time organising things for them I forget about us 😦 maybe one day!!

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