Taking a blogging step back…

Next week my final year of my Open University Degree starts. Two courses overlapping so I will begin this October with course 1 and that will end in June, it will cross over with the second course which will begin in Feb and end in October. And then that will be it! I will have my degree.

But over the summer I’ve formed bad habits. Such as spending too much time on social media in the evenings. So for the next year I’m going to take a blogging back step, not that I’ve been all that forward recently but I’ve been ‘active’ so I’m now going to move to ‘passive’. And in doing so I’ve decided I’m going to leave some of the various blogging sites, groups, discussions because I just don’t have the time and they do take up so much energy, often negative energy.

I’m also still finishing my Level 3 NVQ and working on the new Sling Library so its not like theres a great deal of stuff going on in my life at the moment. Oh and I’m already planning the Matilda Mae Skydive for 2014. I kind of have this compulsion to be busy. I’m not happy if I’m not busy.

Tonight was my first night not being at work, I’m gutted to have left but circumstances meant it was unavoidable. So instead I spent the evening scrubbing the bathroom, bleaching the bathmat and sorting the washing. Always aware of the time and the fact I ‘used’ to be working at that time. It was very strange.

So now I need to find my focus. Need to find that study brain somewhere. And get my arse into gear. Not only with my studying but with fitting in my running too 😉 And in order to do that I need to forget my blog a little bit. It will still be here and if I have something to say I will say it, but I wont be seeking it out and trying to think of things, I’m just going to let it come naturally, which is exactly how it should be!


3 thoughts on “Taking a blogging step back…

  1. I could not agree more, says the woman reading your blog from a tweet with the ironing behind me…

    I’m becoming, ‘fed up’ (?) of the catty playground behaviour, of the charts, of the awards, of the domination. It’s not real life, and it’s also not important. Life is important, family is important, friends are important.

    Good luck and keep in touch with me!

  2. I might have to join you! I started back at university last week and the enormity of being in my final year really hit me. I think I might have to take a step back from blogging too and just fully concentrate on the reason I am at university! Good luck for your final year.

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