Changing faces of a mother

I was browsing old pictures a few weeks ago and looking at them I felt like I hadn’t changed alot since I had my son. Other than my hair that is which has been an array of colours and styles! So I thought I’d share the years with you, tell me what you think, have I changed?

Pre Baby (Although pregnant with a small bump) Aged 16

I think this was the June half term. I know we were on a guide day out to chessington and the guides didn’t know I was pregnant, I couldn’t ride things obviously so feigned a bad back, I must have been around 18 weeks I think.


December 2006
 Babywearing before I learnt the more comfortable way with no2.
Trying to find a post birth picture I liked was hard. The few I do have make me look thin and ill. I forget the impact losing 3 pints of blood, a 2.5hr operation and complications afterwards had on me. The pictures go from the first cuddle where I’m swollen with excess fluid to a week later where I look almost bony, really I shouldn’t be suprised that I fitted back into my pre pregnancy jeans immediately because I look horrendously thin! In this photo my face for me looks pretty thin! 


A year I’ve found hard to find a good photo from. I was struggling with depression on a grand scale. I can remember going on holiday to Cornwall and turning my phone off for a week and it was by far the best week of the year. I went surfing for the first time and spent the week feeling free of difficult times. I was torn on weather to go to college full time and leave my boy or to stay at home with him. I did however meet my amazing Homestart volunteer who I am still in touch with today and I love her to bits. She is the most amazing woman and she supports me through everything. I also learnt to drive this year and that gave me a focus which I badly needed, I passed the day before my 18th Birthday!

 Being a bridesmaid. A better year. I got my first tattoo and moved out of my parents into our first flat, just me and my eldest, I was 18. Alot of my friends couldn’t fathom why I would want to leave home but it was hard being at home because it was easy to lean on my parents for support and as my friends know I’m stubbornly independent and I wanted that independence back. Although that flat wasn’t in a great location it was big and spacious (which is something I love) and it holds many happy memories of our first year in our own home. 


The year I started my blog
A year filled with happy memories.
Holidays to my favourite place (Cornwall)
We moved house again and spent many happy days with friends.

A good year with some amazing friends and I changed my degree from Youth Work to a BA in childhood and youth studies which I was happier with. I was focusing heavily on studying and eldest was in nursery which I found so weird. I was 20.


2011 (A mum again)
Babywearing again but this time in a more comfortable way. Being a mum a second time was so much easier than the first. I knew what I was doing and had confidence in my ability. I wasn’t terrified of my newborn and nor was I struggling with PND. I was strong and needed to be as it was a difficult year for other reasons. My eldest started school which was terrifying being a 21 year old Mum on the school playground! But being the outgoing chat to anyone person that I was I soon made friends.
I loved 2012, the Olympic spirit in London was wonderful and we were lucky enough to see the road races come through our county, visit the Olympic park and see beach volleyball, football and a volleyball final. As well as a damp but awesome day out to see the Olympic torch with our closest family and friends. In the September I started my first job and by December was being interviewed for the supervisory position, which I didn’t think I would get.

2013 –
The year I got my fitness back! I took up running again through our children’s centre, did Race for Life, cycled London to Brighton in my quickest time, did a skydive, enjoyed a job that I was promoted into within 3 months and prepared for the final year of my degree.



Looking back I can’t believe how much has happened over 7 years. Even more than I have mentioned because there is alot I choose not to discuss. I have grown in many ways. Just when I think I can’t ‘mature’ more I do. I’m on track to the goals I’ve worked towards and am starting to set new goals. My hair may have changed but I’ve always been the same underneath. Friends have come and gone. The true ones have stayed. I feel blessed to have such an amazing network of support around me, family and friends. They all carry me through when times are tough and I turn to each of them over different things. I’m incredibly lucky. 


5 thoughts on “Changing faces of a mother

  1. What a fantastic uplifting post to read . It’s amazing to look back and see how far you’ve come . I always find you forget so much , the bad as well as the good . Thank you for writing I really enjoyed reading about your journey 🙂

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