Half Marathon Goals

Two weeks ago I made a spur of the moment decision that I was going to sign up to run a half marathon next year. I’d told myself 2014 would be the year of the 10km but seems I kinda changed my mind.

Then a few days later my brother told me he had signed up to the Edinburgh marathon and so I decided I’d sign up for that half marathon on the same day, it would give me a goal to be able to try and beat my Silverstone time!

Running is something that is hugely important to me and I want to keep it up during this final year of my degree. It gives me space to think and time to mull over things that are bothering me. It’s helped boost my fitness levels and I’ve seen my body change in front of my eyes as my waist has slimmed down and my legs have gained strength.

So far I’ve only run 5kms so upping to 13.1 miles is rather a big change and I know I certainly wont be the fastest half marathon runner but I have 22 weeks to go and thats plenty of time to train for it!

I will of course be running them for the Lullaby Trust to help raise more funds in memory of the  beautiful Matilda Mae ahead of the skydive take 2 next year! (If you want to skydive get in touch)

It feels good to have new goals! My running had become a bit stagnant and I’m glad I’ve got solid goals in place now! I’ll keep you updated on my progress!



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