How do you use social media?

See I’ve always thought everyone does the same things on Facebook, Twitter, Pinteret etc that I do. But then the other day I was talking to someone and discovered they didn’t use it the same way I do. So I thought I’d share a couple of things I do.


There’s two things I do on twitter. The first is whenever I follow a new person whilst on their profile I turn off their re tweets to stop them from showing in my timeline. For people I already follow when I see them RT something I go and do it. It’s made my timeline much cleaner and more relevant! I actually see what people are saying now rather than lots of random tweets from companies and people I don’t choose to follow.

The second thing I do is to use the favourite tweet like a bookmark. For links I favourite tweets so I can go back later and comment or enter the competition etc. And occasionally I use it just to save a tweet I really liked.


Many competitions these days want you to like a page to enter. That’s fine. But they may also post random rubbish on their page that I don’t want clogging up my feed. So I always like and then use the ‘hide from my timeline’ option!


Im a bit of a Pinterest addict. My addiction comes and goes. Sometimes il pop on and browse through all the latest pins and see some I want to pin but I don’t have much time at that moment. So I will ‘love’ the post and then go back and pin later. Once I’ve pinned it I then unlove it. At one stage I had 800+ loves! That took a while to pin. I’m currently down to 200+ 😉

I’ve also learnt the hard way to only follow select boards rather than a whole profile. Not everyone has the same interests and I spend ages still unfollowing irrelevant boards!


So that’s how I use my social media channels. Do you do anything the same? Or totally different?


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