#MMSkydive : Proud

Anyone that follows me on twitter or is a friend on Facebook knows how much I enjoyed the skydive we did in July. The experience itself was amazing. But what we achieved was just fantastic and mind blowing. When I had the initial idea I thought maybe I’ll get one or two people who want to jump with me, but that one or two turned into 9. Coincidently Matilda Mae was 9 months old when she passed away. That felt special.

As a team we raised over £6000 which was beyond my wildest dreams. I alone shocked myself with raising over £1000+ I’d never done that before ever.

I know for some of the team it wasn’t easy to get on the plane that day. Fears were faced head on and although I didn’t show it a great deal I was terrified I wasn’t going to land on the ground safely, I won’t elaborate on that! I can remember (and see in the photos) the fear on faces as they made the walk to the plane, Julie and Susanne I think were the ones I feared the most were going to hate me for the idea. Being last in that respect was absolute hell because I couldn’t tell them it would be fine and they would love it because I didn’t know. They were going to know sooner than I did!


In the end everyone loved it and for that I was so relieved. As a team we bonded in the months leading up to the event, throwing ideas around, thinking about how we could raise more funds, agreeing we’d all risk our places by having a team total rather than individual targets to reach but we did get there and we exceeded it.


Today I was arranging something and typed into google ‘Matilda Mae Skydive’ looking at all the results, not just on the teams blogs but on other blogs such as My Two Mums, SAHM Loving it, Baked Potato Mummy, MumturnedMom and many more just makes me feel so proud of what we all did. Of the way we faced our fears. The way we got it trending. The way we raised awareness of SIDS. The way we raised money. The way a group of women (some of whom had never met) came together and did something amazing.

I am proud and I’m not sorry to admit that.


In an ideal world SIDS would be eradicated and we wouldn’t have needed to do the skydive, because a beautiful baby girl wouldn’t have been taken from her gorgeous family. But she did and we all felt compelled to do something and we did. And we did good. We all blew kisses for Matilda that day. We shouted her name as we reached the clouds and thought of her as we jumped.

And now we move onto thinking about next year. And planning the next big Matilda Mae Skydive for 2014. Another amazing day when we will make more memories, raise more awareness and more money.

If you’d like to sponsor any of the team please do visit our page at http://www.justgiving.com/teams/MatildaMaeSkydive where most of the team members pages are listed. 

Also if you’d like to jump with us next year please email me at ADMIN {at} SIMPLYHAYLEY.COM 





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