The London Dungeons – Not as jumpy as anticipated!

Earlier this month I was asked if I’d like to pay a visit to the London Dungeons, now I have to admit whereas normally I jump at most cool opportunities this one I didn’t. I’ve always avoided the dungeons, like always! As a teenager when all my friends would say lets go I’d make my excuses and not. I once tried a maze at Thorpe Park and nearly strangled my poor friend who was in front of me as a clung onto his T-shirt so tight! I’m not good with the whole ‘scary’ thing. But I decided I should face my fears! I text my best friend thinking she was the type of person that wouldn’t be scared of this sort of thing!

We had planned a girly lunch and that ended up being changed  into a girly afternoon trip to London to visit the dungeons too. We decided on lunch first so we could line our stomachs a little and hopefully ease the nerves! Yes I was nervous! And then we set off!

When we arrived I was disappointed to see signs saying both the boat ride and the drop ride weren’t working. Being a ex coaster geek and general adrenaline junkie I was gutted about this but when we spoke to the guys at the ticket booth they told us that the drop ride MIGHT get fixed by the time we reached it. I kept my fingers and toes crossed!

It wasn’t long before we encountered our first live actors. And I quickly discovered my best friend was as terrified as I was as we clung to each other, that wasn’t my plan! We were queuing to get into the first part and admiring the lovely rats in the cages alongside us.

Dungeon Visitors 5

Soon enough we moved along and started our trip through the history of London. The dungeons are made up of various scenes which you remain in a group and visit together. Walking between the first two there was a very dark corridor, my worst nightmare! We practically were on top of the people in front of us and determined not to lose the group but terrified of what might jump out, thankfully nothing did, until we walked around a corner and someone jumped up from their bed and I SCREAMED, I did say I’m not good at jumpy stuff 😉

We continued on through the various scenes which are filled with authentic smells as well as lifelike, blood covered, gory jars of body parts and chains etc. There was alot of adult humour from the actors when they were telling you about that period of time and they get so into it you almost forget they are just acting! It was almost a history lesson in some respects and the actors are all very knowledgeable. Each scene also tended to involve some audience participation (my worst nightmare) so we tended to try and stay near the back away from the eyes of the actors! And thankfully we got away without being coaxed into involvement. But it was highly amusing watching everyone else get involved!

Dungeon Visitors 9

Scenes such as the ‘Doctors house’ where leeches run around your body and the Sweeney Todd room when the lights go down and its pitch black dark and they quite literally play on your senses!

Dungeon Visitors 10

I was pleasantly surprised that other than my one person jumping out, me screaming, moment there were no others. The dungeons is not a jumpy type maze that you get at Thorpe Park etc, the live actors are into their roles and they will try and creep you out but theres not someone around every corner waiting to jump out on you. I also found it quite a relaxing experience … ok I know that doesn’t sound right but roll with this. I’d had a really bad week and was stressed about a few things but for the few hours we were in the dungeons I was so busy focusing on if someone was about to jump out at me that I forgot everything else! It was nice! Oddly…

At the very end we were lucky enough that the drop ride had started working which I was thrilled about! I won’t give too much away but its done incredibly well and built into another part of history as a story. Now I know this photo makes me look terrified… but I actually quite enjoyed it, you can see a kinda smile….

I was surprised at the age of some of the children that were visiting, there was a 9 year old in our group but I guess it just depends on your child, you know them. Personally I wouldn’t be thinking of taking mine until they were at least 11 or so. However for teenagers I can imagine they would have a right laugh!

Overall we loved it. I’m glad I’ve given it a try and we had an amazing laugh and giggle whilst trying to keep our cool and not look terrified. It’s a shame the boat ride wasn’t working but the ‘story’ wasn’t affected and everything still flowed really well. The actors are absolutely fantastic and are so into what they do, they really make the visit.

With Halloween coming up the dungeons have a an awesome event happening where you can have a sleepover in the pie shop and also a mischievous pumpkin farmer is around offering up a trick or treat over the halloween period until 9th November.

Disclosure: I was provided with two free tickets to visit and a voucher to obtain a free photograph for the purposes of this review. 

Photograph Credits: London Dungeon Press Office


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