Paultons Park. Half term fun!

A couple of weeks ago I happened to be on twitter when a tweet popped up from the lovely Wendy asking if anyone was planning to go to Paultons Park in the holidays. We don’t live that far away from there and littlest is Peppa OBSESSED so I had been contemplating it. I replied and Wendy kindly sent me 3 complimentary tickets we had. To say I was grateful is an understatement! Anyone who’s a long term reader of the blog knows we are not the richest family, quite the opposite.

So this week we set off on a day we hoped would be relatively dry and we were in luck, it was dry! And guess what, quiet too! I had anticipated we were going to have a day of queues, it was half term after all and the weather was clear! We had quite the opposite and queued no more than 20 minutes for anything, the longest queue being for Grandpa Pigs Train Ride in Peppa Pig World!

The boys had a wonderful day and we enjoyed getting on rides within a short space of time. Little man was totally enamoured by Peppa Pig World which I knew he would be and we even got to go on the Balloon Ride which has always been busy when we have visited before!


We had only one downside to our visit and that was that our favourite restaurant, the Wagoners (near the main entrance) has been demolished as they are building a new entrance. I loved that place as it had something for everyone, salads, hot meals, sandwiches, jacket potatoes, kids boxes and hot meals! We decided we’d try the little place beside the train station and sadly we were sorely disappointed. The chips were oily, the bread with the soup was very dry and overall the price was expensive. Just an adult Sausage and Chips meal with a  small drink was £6+ alone! I think next year it will be a picnic day trip!

Overall though we had a great day out fitting in the penguin show, train rides and me and Grandma even managed to nip onto Cobra and Magma as our friend doesn’t like rides so she stayed off with the boys. Paultons is a great little park and we love visiting even if its in the holidays and its busy but as I know from my teenage years when I was a coaster addict (still am) the best theme park trips are the quietest ones!



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