Facebook allowing racism?

Usually I don’t get involved in these sorts of debates but this is winding me up now. Recently I’ve seen more and more people sharing statuses on facebook about things like ‘ban the burka’ and other racist comments.

However they usually try to cover this up by saying that they are racist. Just proud to be british. Not sure I buy that.

When I saw this ban the burka page that came up in my timeline I reported it to facebook for racism. Within 5 minutes I had a notification that I was wrong this was not racism and was allowed on facebook. I should have been shocked. But I wasn’t because after all facebook won’t remove photos of women pleasuring themselves or topless, although they remove breastfeeding photos. So why would they remove a racist page?

The thing that angers me most is I and I hope many others are trying to teach our children and teenagers to accept people of all colours, religions, sexuality etc an yet facebook is breeding the next generation of racists by allowing these pages to continued to be posted. Now I know their parents views will also have an impact but so does facebook. Sadly.



Do you report these things if you see them? Or simply ignore them?


3 thoughts on “Facebook allowing racism?

  1. I have also seen these pages and there is a new picture going around also of women in a burka and niqab about school photo’s. I was actually surprised to see some Muslim people sharing and joking about it there are many racist pages on facebook including ones about English white people. Unfortunately this is how the world now works I will teach my son the right and wrongs but facebook, newspapers and TV shape our minds and thoughts.


  2. I agree that this kind of thing is appalling and that Facebook should do something about it because it’s abusive and unacceptable. But I don’t agree that it’s racism. There are plenty of British Muslims who wear the burka, it’s not a race issue. There are white Muslims, there are Asian non-Muslims. It’s a religion issue, and religious persecution is also illegal and should be dealt with. The fact that people conflate skin colour with religious views is part of the problem in my view. But like I said, I 100% agree that Facebook is appalling at dealing with intolerance and bigotry and its standards are all wrong.

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