Review: Psychologies Magazine


A few years ago one of my best friends introduced me to Psychologies magazine. Since then I’ve read it most months! So I was interested when I saw that they had ‘revamped’ the magazine. I’ve always found it to contain fascinating articles and in depth advice about overcoming general women’s worries such as issues with confidence, self esteem, anxiety etc.

When I’d heard it had been revamped I’ll admit I was a little bit worried. After all I liked the way it was before!

I have to admit that I was hugely relieved when I made my first flick through and could see there was nothing majorly different. The style was still very much the same. There was still lots of little snippets of news and information in the first few pages, it still has recommended reads too which I always loved. This magazine also featured an interview with Julia Roberts, I have to admit celebrity interviews are something I wouldn’t miss if they did get rid of them. Occasionally they are interesting but not always.

There was also a fantastic feature on talking, including those awkward conversations, which I’ll admit I’m TERRIBLE at, so it was very relevant to me as an individual. They’ve also still kept the multiple choice quizzes. Now I know that sounds kinda cheesy but its not like when your a teenager. They are often scarily accurate!

They also still have a range of experts offering advice on readers problems such as Ilonda Boniwell writing about family difficulties. And I was pleased to see they are still doing self development events. I remember when they started those! I confess I tend to skip the beauty section, again something I feel they could drop and wouldn’t be missed, its always felt like something that you’d find in Glamour etc. Its not something that is of interest to me and it isn’t a huge part of the magazine, just 5 pages maybe but its enough to be skipped!

Towards the back of the magazine is still articles about home interiors, suggested buys, holiday getaways and some recipes. But most of all I was THRILLED to see that Sally Brampton is still writing for the magazine. I have to admit I’d have been incredibly upset if she wasn’t! I met her a few years ago and always find her column inspirational, its often the first place I turn.

Psychologies isn’t a magazine filled with fashion, topless men, celebrity gossip. Its a magazine which will open your eyes and provide techniques and suggestions on how you can improve your life in a way that you want to. Not every month everything is relevant, sometimes only a few articles are, sometimes it all feels like its trying to tell you something. But ultimately its a bloomin good read which is totally different to everything else on the market.

So if you want to spice up your magazine reading a bit and get out of that rut of the same ones why not give Psychologies a try?

Theres a special subscription offer of 3 for £3 offer available at


This offer is available for UK subscriptions only, when paying by Direct Debit and closes 31 December 2013.  After you first 3 issues which you will receive at the special trial price of £3, unless you inform us otherwise the subscription will run at the low rate of £18.72 every 6 months – still saving 20% off the full rate of £46.80 for 12 months.  All orders will be acknowledged and you will be advised of commencement issue and payment schedule within 14 days.  For overseas rates please call (00 44) 1858 438 856.

Disclosure: Magazine sent free in exchange for review. 




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