Our weekly film night

For a while now on a Friday night it’s been mine and eldest’s film night. It’s his special time when he doesn’t have his brother around fighting for my attention too. They do get on really well but ultimately he has to share me. And often has to share his toys etc with his brother too. After all his baby brother idolises him and is a parrot to anything he says. So we make Friday nights our night. Youngest is still too little and doesn’t have the attention span to watch films so it’s a no brainer really. He goes to bed and then we snuggle down and watch a film of eldest’s choice.

It’s a nice evening where we know we are going to get to sit and watch a film without me having to get up and sort out little man who wants a train track built or something like that. For eldest it’s his evening when he gets a late night. Where possible I try not to cancel it and even if I do we move it to the next night. And it’s only ever cancelled because I’m out (incredibly rare) or his brothers refusing to go to sleep until too late (does happen occasionally).

Tonight we did ponder watching children in need but I decided we’d give it a miss, as I’d end up and emotional blubbering mess. Instead we choose one from our vast selection of films. I have to admit I get bored seeing the same thing over and over but we can’t always afford to buy new ones. Where possible I record things on sky+ but we don’t have sky movies so it’s only if there’s films on our usual channels that I can do it. But it works sometimes.

Do you have a family film night? Or do you make some other time to spend with your children individually (if you have more than one)?



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