Science Museum – One of London’s Free Days Out!

Recently we had an inset day for my eldest son but the new term had started for little man so he was at his childminders. I knew I wouldn’t get the study I need to be doing done with eldest at home so decided we’d head to London. I gave him the choice of the Science Museum or The Natural History Museum. He chose the science museum!

We arrived around 11am by the time we had got the train and arrived after the nice trek through the tunnels from South Kensington. Although the museum is free they do have staff on gates looking for your donations, suggested donation is £5pp. However they also have guides available including two childrens ones so we picked up the older kids one which is recommended for 7-13yrs at a price of £6.

I had vague memories of where things were from previous visits but they were a while ago! We found ourselves in the energy hall and decided we would tackle the ground floor first. We had a fantastic time walking around talking about the various exhibits and what they were and how they fitted into history. Then we went through to the exploring space area which I just loved! I was a bit of a space geek as a child! Less so now but theres still something special about space. We found various models of rockets, mission probes, satellites and space suits. Theres even a piece of the moon! 😀

We continued through on the ground level to the transportation area featuring everything from boats, cars and planes to machines we couldn’t quite figure out! Further on down you get to the Wellcome Wing which has an area for kids to feel and move objects. Its designed up to 8 years according to the sign and to be honest I think they’d benefit from making it bigger! It was rammed in there!

I managed to convince son to head up in the lift so we went up to the various levels in the wellcome wing. The third level which is about the future was a bit boring for us, it was simply tables with interactive screens across them where you could answer questions, unless your 6 year old has an opinion on subjects like ‘Should we be able to choose the gender of our babies’ then its not really that interesting. However the other two levels engaged us for a while including a game on the Who Am I? Level which saw you completing a range of games ‘against’ other players on the table. I say ‘against’ loosely as although thats the way it comes across you all get the message saying you were the fastest 😉

Science Muesum

Once we’d completed the wellcome wing levels (which aren’t linked to the rest of the building) we headed for the basement and wandered around the old home machines commenting that many of them were around in Grandmas day or even my grandparents day. By now we’d filled about 2 hours and it was getting towards lunchtime, I’d checked the website last night regarding food and thought the energy cafe looked a good bet so we headed there. Its in the main energy hall so easy to find and has plenty of seating. It was pricey including £1.95 for a San Pelegrino but then I hadn’t expected it to be cheap. You could make it a cheaper day out by taking a picnic. The food was good however with the childrens lunch boxes clearly labelled as to what they could get in it and the options were mostly healthy. There was a range of adult meals from hot pasta bakes for £8.95 through to sandwiches and soups.

The energy cafe is near to the main shop which I managed to drag my son past promising we’d go back later and we headed up to the first level in the main building. It houses the The Listening Post, which I LOVED and could have sat watching/listening to all day. I managed to keep my son there for about 10 minutes before he got REALLY bored. Its also worth noting its not censored so sometimes inappropriate words are used, thankfully the Siri like voice meant my son didn’t hear them!

After that we explored the energy wing which in some aspects I found more interesting as it was more historical and less hands on although their was one hands on area but sadly it was overrun with children on a school trip.

We managed to find the planes and trains which I’m pretty sure was in the same room I once has a sleepover in when I was in my teenage years! The planes were pretty cool including some really old ones.

Overall we had a great day out and it didn’t cost THAT much seeing as the museum was free. If you’ve got children who are able to appreciate a bit of history and hands on science then I’d throughly recommend it.

Disclosure: we went independently and received no compensation for this post, we enjoyed it so much I wanted to share with you our day and encourage others to go.


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