The perfect night in


Generally when you’re a single mum, a winter’s evening is usually spent listening to the hum of the baby monitor and pausing television programmes halfway through to go and resettle the children. I can’t talk with friends because if I do that, the eldest comes in and moans it’s keeping him awake, even if we whisper. 😉

However my PERFECT winter night would be chilling at a friend’s house, minus the baby monitor, able to talk and laugh through a film, to turn the music up and sing to our hearts’ content! Put on a good film, maybe a comedy, something funny, or maybe something with a bit of tension and action that’s going to leave me snuggled behind a blanket not wanting to look because I’m a total and utter wimp! 😉

We would of course have a soft fleecy blanket to snuggle underneath and soft luscious pyjamas and nice warm slippers! But for me the perfect winter’s evening would be about who I was with. Good friends.

Friends that I can share my deepest secrets with.

Friends who I confide in.

Friends who I can laugh with.

Friends who I can cry with.

Friends who I can snuggle with.

This time of year, you want to treat those around you to lovely thoughtful presents, but sometimes just spending time together can be enough of a gift. I don’t always get to spend time with my two best friends. I’m a SAHM and they work 9-5. I can’t say I don’t miss the days when they were about during the days for various reasons. Those days rocked. Now though we make the effort to have a girly night and that’s our time to catch up. Talk about relationships, work, studying, family and life. To be able to shed a few tears if required or analyse things that are bugging us!

Either way I know that the rare nights I get to spend with my awesome girly friends are the perfect nights. Along with a blanket, Snuggly PJs and some good snacks. You just can’t beat those evenings!


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