Knowing your limits

For a few weeks now I’ve had a pain in my groin. It’s a suspected hip flexor. We’re still waiting on a scan to know for certain. But even so because I’m stubborn and I need to run I’ve carried on.

Last Sunday I ran my first ever 10km. It was hard but I did it. 1hr 17min so I was happy! I wanted under 1hr20 and I got it.

Monday I did rest but Tuesday I was back out with one of my running groups for a gentle 4km. We also did some intervals and sprinting is where I feel it most so I was very careful.

Wednesday was my second week at box fit. It’s so fun and a great stress relief. Picture the stresses or stressors of your life on those pads and punch with all you can. LOVE it!! And it’s not too bad for the groin!

Thursday I ran again and decided on 2 miles as I knew Friday I was aiming for a longer run. And Friday we did run longer. I was short on time so set our goal time to 50minutes. We managed 7km in that time. It totally aggravated my groin but as I had physio that afternoon I figured it wasn’t such a bad thing as it made it really obvious where the problem is at. We had a long chat and my physio can understand why I don’t want to ‘rest’ so we’ve agreed I just need to be aware of my limits. Which I have to confess I’m not great at.

Yesterday afternoon my mum and the boys were watching a film so I decided spontaneously to go out for a run. I had fun and ran a great 5km. I wasn’t worried about the time or where I went. I just went where my feet took me.

Next week I have another 10km race which I’m looking forward to and hoping to beat my 1hr 17 time! Fingers crossed!



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