The only time I find single parenting hard…

…is when the kids and me are all ill at the same time!

On Tuesday this week my eldest came down with a temperature and cough. His brothers been coughing for weeks but he soon developed the temperature too. And then I did.

Now my eldest is easy when he’s ill. He just lies on the sofa and demands the occasional cuddle. Youngest however is only 2. A 2 year old and a temperature I’m sure many know are not a good mix. He’s been glued to me all week. I haven’t been able to put him down without him screaming his head off. Haven’t been able to have a shower without him screaming for me. Haven’t been able to make breakfast without him shouting for me. I’ve not been able to tidy up without him glued to my leg refusing to let go. And all the while I’ve had a temperature and hideous cough too.

Most days were ok because we got to see someone in the evenings but yesterday was a killer as I was totally alone. There was no ten minute break where grandma was entertaining him so I could go to the loo in peace and silence. So this morning is hard. I’m already struggling from yesterday and although he’s improving fast he’s still very clingy.

The lack of sleep is probably taking its toll too. Every night he’s woken and coughed solidly for up to half an hour. At least twice a night.

I’m plain flat out exhausted. Usually I find being a single parent easy. Easier than parenting in a relationship. But when there’s sickness and ill children it can be a very lonely place.

Here’s to next week being healthy and happy!!!!


4 thoughts on “The only time I find single parenting hard…

  1. Oh dear 😦 I suppose on the plus side at least you’ll have got it out of the way in time for Christmas – being poorly or having poorly little ones over Christmas can be a nightmare. Hope you all feel better soon x

  2. You poor thing! I can’t imagine how tough it must be, especially in the run-up to Christmas! Hope you’re all well recovered by the time Santa comes 🙂

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