Spiritpad – a company that ruin Christmas

So a while ago I saw a great deal on livingsocial for a children’s android tablet for £39. Brilliant I thought. The perfect main present for my son for Xmas. Ordered it through the spiritpad website and thought great sorted.

Except then I received an email from livingsocial to tell me spiritpad couldn’t deliver so it was being cancelled.

Then to add to the confusion spiritpad emailed directly to say they could and to order it via the website and they would deliver by Xmas. So I went ahead and ordered again.

We were told it would arrive by Xmas.
On Monday I was emailed to say it would be delivered on Xmas eve. On Xmas eve I was emailed to say it would be delivered on Xmas eve. That it would be with me by 6pm.

Guess what it wasn’t.
Livingsocial tell me it’s in the hands of spiritpad
DPD who are supposed to be delivering say I have to speak to Spiritpad

Spiritpad don’t answer emails, tweets and have no publicly available phone number.

I am fuming.

To add to it we were told in one of emails that there is a fault with the charger and it shouldn’t be used. According to twitter that fault is that it’s a fire risk.

I no longer want the product. Xmas has been and gone and thankfully my son knows no different for which I am relieved but I do. There should have been one final present under the tree for him and it wasn’t there. I want a full refund. Except whoever you speak to the buck gets passed.

If anyone has any suggestions for where to go next aside from watchdog who have already been emailed by a few customers anyway I’d love to hear them.


One thought on “Spiritpad – a company that ruin Christmas

  1. This is exactly what happened to us, except we spoke with the manager, Russell who couldn’t have cared less, he promised that it had been shipped and would arrive New Year’s Eve- it didn’t and he stopped answering the phone.

    We tried and tried and then he blocked our numbers, we used our home phone and he answered, stunned to hear it was us, he fumbled with papers and had no excuse and seem not to care that I was upset that he had lied to us further.

    He again said he would call back with a tracking number, instead he text and provided me with a number that didn’t exist.

    I went ahead an asked DPD who said no order had been generated for my address.

    We tried to call and email again without any response!

    Yesterday my tablet arrived by Royal Mail, 15 days late, not box packaged instead, inside an unpadded large brown envelope with all of the bits eg head phones, charger, etc loose in the envelope and to add insult to injury the tablet is faulty! Not the previously stated issue with the charger but, the speaker is broken meaning the tablet can’t be used to listen to music, or to watch anything with sound and guess what?!
    Russell, the managing director has again decided he won’t answer the phone or any emails!

    I had to stay home on some of the happiest days of the holiday period and after all of the hassle, I’m not even able to send it back for a refund!

    Thanks for ruining Christmas ‘spirit’

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