2014 Fundraising for Matilda Mae

I’ve been quite quiet on the blogging front recently. Mainly because running has started to consume my life quite heavily. Its a bit of an addiction but in a good way! This year we will be doing the Matilda Mae Skydive again. I’m ringleading again and we are hoping we will raise another great amount as a team in memory of the beautiful Matilda Mae. Next month its going to be a year since Matilda died. I can remember that day vividly. No family should have to go through losing their child to SIDS. Thats why I jumped out of a plane last year.


And why I will be doing it again this year. And also why I will be running 2 half marathons in the lead up to the skydive. I’m running Silverstone on 2nd March, which will also be the anniversary of Matildas death, 13 months. And then I’m going up to Edinburgh in May to run their half marathon and hopefully beat the time I set at Silverstone.

For both I’ll be asking for sponsorship on my skydive page just to keep things simple.

At the moment 13.1 miles feels an insane distance to run. I ran 2 x 10km races in December and I do love running but I know the longer distances are a mental battle. Mind over matter. The legs want to give up but the mind makes you carry on. Thinking of Tilda makes me carry on. In my training I’ve run as far as 8 miles so far, will be doing 9 next week. Those final miles can be quite tough. But then I think of the beautiful Tilda. And I think of everything Jennie, David, Esther and William have been through and are going through and I keep on running.

Jennie has planned some amazing events for 2014 and we still have spaces for the skydive if anyone is interested so please do get in touch!

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