Matilda Mae. Pink and Purple. Stars and Bubbles.

Matilda mae BubblesThis time last year it was a normal Saturday. Pink and Purple didn’t have any particular meaning to me. Nor did stars. Or bubbles. But then on the Sunday  the news that the beautiful Matilda Mae had passed away broke and spread across social media. I dont need to explain again the impact that news had on me. Ultimately it lead to me jumping out of a plane. And I will be again this year.

Following Matilda passing away 4 things became pretty significant. The colours pink and purple, stars in all shapes and forms and blowing bubble kisses.

Since then every time I spy a star weather it be in the night sky. Or on a wall. Or in a shop. It reminds me of Tilda.

When the boys ask to blow bubbles. I blow them with as much love as I can fill them with and send them up into the sky hoping they reach Tilda so she knows she’s not forgotten. We talk about baby tilda in the sky and how she was taken too soon. The boys know her name and I will make sure they always do.

Before Tilda passed away I had maybe one or two purple tops in my wardrobe. Now I have running gear in all shades of pink and purple so when I run I think of Tilda and I have an array of tops in pink and purple which I wear and remember Tilda.

Tilda is never far from my mind. Nor is Jennie, David, Esther and William. They have experienced the unimaginable and just because its 1 year on it doesn’t mean its any easier for them. I hope people will remember that. We will jump again this year from a plane with parachutes on our back and shout Matilda’s name. I will run half marathons, and maybe a marathon, and remember Tilda and all the other babies who have been taken too soon by SIDS.

Matilda mae stars


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