First Half Marathon – The countdown is on!

Well this week I ran 10 miles. It was long. It was boring. But I did it. 3 miles on top of that is equivalent to a 5k. I can do that right? I’m feeling quite confident atm. I wish I was faster yes but my goal for silverstone is just to get around in one piece without walking. I think I can manage that. I hope. I’ve followed a training plan and have been strict about it.

This week my race pack arrived. Reading through all the information was really exciting! Its going to be a great race and my Lullaby Trust running vest also arrived. I’m going to be a total colour clash because its blue and yellow and my running tights I’ll be wearing are purple for Matilda as is my under top I’ll be wearing. But do you know what I don’t care. I want to show off that I’m running for a great charity and I want to have purple on me to represent running for Tilda.

I’m glad my Dad decided this week he would be coming to support me after initially saying he couldn’t. Its a race both me and my brother are running so I’m pleased he will be there. I am seriously pondering running a full marathon this year too. Possibly a mental idea when I’m in the final year of my degree and also planning the Matilda Mae Skydive again but I dont do things by halves….



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