Running: Medals vs tshirts

This weekend I ran a race that the reward, prize, whatever you want to call it, was a tshirt. It’s the first time I’ve run a race that didn’t have a medal at the end. I’ve got to admit I think I prefer a medal.

Now I get the thing of you put the medal somewhere and never wear it again. But mine have pride of place on my wall. I can see my various achievements up there.

A tshirt yes you can use that and wear it time and time again but as a woman I am quite picky about what I wear out training. I tend to prefer either vests or long sleeve tops. I don’t find tshirt styles very flattering. Yes I might be working out and gettig sweaty but I want to look good (that’s a whole other blog post, right!).

I would have thought also that medals would be cheaper? Although obviously I can’t say for certain they are as I’ve not researched that but i would guess if your bulk buying them they can’t be more than a fiver each or so I would have thought? A tshirt is usually nearer a Tenner at least especially of its a active material like dry fit type stuff!

I may have possibly come to the decision in future I would prefer to enter races that feature a medal at the end. Is that bad?

What would/do you prefer?



3 thoughts on “Running: Medals vs tshirts

  1. What are the medals with the black ribbons for? I love a t-shirt as long as it’s not cotton, but I prefer a medal I think. They’re smaller to keep 🙂

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