Running and Breastfeeding

I know of so many mums who ask if it’s ok to run whilst breastfeeding and equally if it’s comfortable too. So I thought I’d share my experiences.

Regular readers know I fed my son until he was 2.5 years. I ran intermittently since his birth until it became more regular last year. I can remember the early days when he was probably around 10/12 weeks and it was still warm trying to squash my Pamela Anderson breastfeeding boobs into a pre pregnancy sports bra. It didn’t work. I’d suggest going and getting a new bra fitted! I eventually found one that zipped at the front and made it easy for pre/post run feeds as well as made me more comfortable.

I also quickly learnt the key to running comfortably in those early days was to feed or pump right before leaving the house. There’s nothing like the solid Pamela Anderson boobs bouncing. OUCH! I did make that mistake once. And I never made it again. So the key there is a bit of advanced planning!!

Once your past the solid boob stage it gets more comfortable. The only downside I had was my son occasionally wasn’t keen on my milk post run so I had to express some off. However sometimes he did take it. It was hit and miss.

It’s also important to remember that post baby your more prone to injury. Relaxin levels if I remember rightly, these are at a point that means your more prone to ligament and muscle injuries so don’t push too hard too soon. However if your just starting out you shouldn’t be pushing too hard.

Most of all enjoy half an hour of me time. Yes your working out but it’s a little bit of freedom. Little one will be fine without you (obviously with a childcarer though) for that short burst of time. And you’ll feel better for it. Although probably tired 😉


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