To my right foot.

To my right foot,

Last weekend you were 50% of an amazing achievement of running a half marathon. That was pretty bloody awesome. And you didn’t even ache at the end of it. Monday things were a bit stiff but manageable. And Monday I decided we would be running a half marathon. Training was to commence on Tuesday.

So I didn’t appreciate your sense of humour when I woke up on Tuesday in agony. The right side of my foot and ankle was agony whenever pressure was placed on it. I decided to rest. As the week wore on it remained the same.

Today I went to the walk in and they told me it’s tendonitis. However it should be gone in 1-2 weeks!

So this isn’t the end of marathon training. It’s a blip. I will give you a break whilst you heal but then we are getting back to it.

We are going to run a marathon and you will be half of it!

Yours sincerely.

Owner of said foot.



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