Marathon training, over before it started?

So after deciding I was going to run a marathon the next day I developed Peroneal Tendonitis which quite frankly bloody killed. At one point I thought I had a fracture it was so painful, it was only the fact that it was only painful weight bearing that made me think it wasn’t a fracture. So since running silverstone half I’d been unable to run. I did lots of cycling instead, I even went swimming, I HATE swimming with a passion!

This week I’ve got back out there slow and steady. I managed to run 2 miles on Monday, then did 3 on Tuesday and Wednesday and today did 3.11 (5km) which also featured a 1 mile PB! And its generally ok. I find its sore post run but if I use my ibuprofen gel, am taking tablets 3 x a day, using Kinesio tape and putting ice on twice daily it seems to be managing it.

I haven’t yet written off the marathon, mainly because I’m stubborn and determined. I’ve accepted in my head that the logical thing to do is instead aim for a October marathon. The stubborn part of me prefers my reasoning for a spring marathon (not training in hot weather, already at half marathon distance etc). I’m giving myself to the end of next week to decide what I’m going to do about it. I’m going to attempt a longer run this weekend of around an hour, I’m not going to stress over the distance I’m just going to see how the foot goes running for that length of time.

I’m really praying its not over before its begun because I will be heartbroken if it is but I’ll make the decision next week.


One thought on “Marathon training, over before it started?

  1. I would go for the October date, your foot needs time to recover properly. You can build up gradually and make it a lifestyle thing over the summer ready for Autumn. With many running injuries myself I don’t want you to do yourself more harm than good.

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