Mutu System + Thinking Slimmer – Week One

So in a bid to improve my core and lose weight leading up to this years Matilda Mae Skydive I am going back on the thinking slimmer program and also using the Mutu system too which I’ve never tried before.

Thinking Slimmer has worked for me in the past so I know it will help me overcome my overeating but I’ve never used Mutu before so its going to be a bit of a learning curve.

One of the things you check at the start of Mutu is if you have a diastasis recti. Now I have to admit I didn’t think I had one. My core is in no way strong but I didn’t think I had any obvious split. So I was surprised when I ‘checked’ it and discovered that I have a 2.5 finger width gap! But hopefully that will reduce by doing the Mutu program.

Week one hasn’t been all that taxing, the moves are fairly basic although it has surprised me how much I felt it after doing it a few days in a row! And just when I thought I’d memorized it there has been an update with some new moves! I like that it doesn’t take too much time to do so in an evening between watching telly I can quickly load it up on my ipad and off I go. Its also made me more conscious of my alignment and the way I sit as well as what shoes I’m wearing. As a runner marathon training I’d be stupid to change to barefoot shoes for running at present but I hope to in the future. Certainly I’m going to make more of an effort to wear barefoot shoes or minimal shoes the rest of the time.

For thinking slimmer I’ve set myself new goals and have been listening to the hypnotherapy every evening before bed. I’ve already given up chocolate, cake, sweets and biscuits for lent however I’d found I was still snacking considerably so I’m hoping by doing this I can cut down on my snacking again and also work on my portion sizes. The other day I made Mexican and found after only a wrap I was full and I left the second one!

I shall update next week on how week 2 has gone!

Disclosure: I am reviewing the mutu system and thinking slimmer program in exchange for an ongoing progress diary 🙂


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