Extended Rear Facing Car Seats – Time to move forwards

I’ve written before about my decision to purchase an extended rear facing car seat. We brought ours when little man was about a year old. He has been rear facing in my car for 2 years and 8 months, although he has been travelling in other cars in forward facing seats. Recently he started to take his arms out of the seat straps (parental nightmare right?) so he could bend around and look forwards and so with much angst because I had wanted to keep him in the extended rear facing position until at least 3 I made the decision to move him forward facing in my car.

As a result he hasn’t taken his arms out at all.

I know the BeSafe Combi we have is still an incredibly safe car seat but I’m still not totally happy with it. I know its going to work better if he doesn’t remove his arms all the time because ultimately its not always safe to pull over and re-restrain your child is it?!

I’m lucky that hes quite diddy for his age so the actual seat is going to last him a good while yet which is awesome as its still going to be value for money! Theres no more straps in the car to tighten (I don’t have the isofix in my car) and fitting it is WAY simpler which will make it much easier on the rare occasions I need to remove it from the car and into another car. I still love the ratchet system for tightening the seat into the car.

Many people are usually shocked at the price of the BeSafe car seats but I’m still glad we invested in one. It was a birthday present for his first birthday because ultimately at 1 year old he didn’t need much int he way of toys or anything so this was a far better solution. And who knows maybe in years to come (many years) it might get a second round of use!

Disclosure: We purchased the besafe combi ourselves and are in no way affiliated with besafe. 


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