Marathon Training – Week 1

So this week I begun marathon training. Well at the start of the week it was a ‘Try the runs out see how the foot is and then decide if your going to do the marathon’ week. But as the week wore on I realised that I’m managing the foot well and its ok!

Monday I did a 5 mile ‘Easy run’. It was supposed to be 6 but I had a doctors appointment I needed to get to so I didn’t have time to do a 6. I went down a stretch of the river I’ve never been down, I avoided it during the winter knowing it was wet and muddy. But now its drier it was ok and manageable other than the trees that were down turning it into a bit of an obstacle run!

Tuesday was a cross training day and I had an hours boxing which was bloomin hard work, not that its ever easy and quite frankly if it was I wouldn’t pay to do it. I love that we are always trying something new and that I go home feeling like I’ve worked hard.

Wednesday I had another 5 mile run except this was a tempo run. First one I’ve ever done. Was a bit hard going ‘slower’ for the first mile (and I was supposed to for the last too), keeping the pace was comfortable as it was only 3 miles I needed to keep it at so that was manageable. Whats 5k when your gonna run a marathon?!

Thursday my body hurt. I decided that the sensible option was to skip my gentle 5k and to rest instead so I did.

Long runs are generally scheduled for Saturdays however because my normal childcare arrangements are awry this weekend and I wanted to spend tomorrow with them I decided to do the 10 mile run today. Mentally it was the toughest run I’ve done in a while. I was scared of even doing it in the first place. Getting out the door was hard. I knew I had everything I’d need, gels, water, phone, emergency cash, ipod. But my legs were aching from my Mutu System workout last night and I was feeling a bit off. At 3 miles I sent a snapchat to my friend saying I was gonna cut my loop short and do 8. At 5 miles I was listening to Marathon Talk and someone they were interviewing was talking about having a reason to run. And I remembered mine. And I decided to stop being a chicken and just run the blinkin 10 miles. And I did. It was only a few seconds off the pace it wanted me to do so I’m not too disappointed. And Ultimately I’m glad I got my arse into gear and actually did the full 10!

Of course I’m not just running this for no reason. I’m running this to help me raise money for the Matilda Mae Skydive. So PLEASE help me out even if it can only be a small donation every little helps!



2 thoughts on “Marathon Training – Week 1

  1. Well done lovely, looks like we are starting at the same time. Which marathon are you training for? I will be running the Prague marathon on 11May, and because I was ill for long, and then tarined for swimathon, I have aonly started running properly this week too. As you know I ran the London marathon in 2011, and to be honest i trained too much, and then had problems with my knee. So taking it easier this time with 2-3 runs a week, today was my long run (1h and 25 mins, still need to find out the distance). I also go to spinning classes and total abs, and swim once a week. It’s good you rested when you felt you needed it. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY is the best piece of advice I can give, and good luck/ Would love if you added your link to the next #fitnesstuesday linky ;)))

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