Marathon Training Week 2

Easy Run
Dist: 5mi
Dist: 5mi, inc
Warm; 2×1600@10:50
w/800 jogs; Cool
Long Run
Dist: 12mi

So that (^) is what week 2 marathon training was supposed to look like.

Mondays run went really well with a good average pace and I felt pretty strong other than a twinge in my knee.

Tuesday I ended up doing intervals, my childcare was a bit all over the place so I needed to fit something quick in. I set my own interval session on endmondo for 25 minutes, it was hard bloomin work especially on a hot evening but was also fun in some respects.

Wednesday ended up being cross training as I had a boxing session in the morning. And physio in the evening. We discussed my various niggles which at that time included a knot in my left calf, pain in the lower part of my right knee and my old hip tear injury playing up on the left. We didn’t do anything about any of them as we agreed I was managing them and I know my limits.

Thursday I decided I’d attempt a 5km however my knee was hurting as I ran and knowing I am running a marathon in 49 days I can’t risk pushing myself too far to injury so I hobbled back after a mile and a half, my ego totally bruised and frustrated. But talking with one of my running buddies I knew I made the right decision and then we headed off to buy new trainers which are hopefully going to help many of the niggles. Turned out the trainers I was wearing were TOO supportive. Although I do overpronate I didn’t overpronate enough for the shoes that I was in so after trying on numerous pairs and running up and down the store a dozen odd times I eventually went with a pair of new balance. I was torn as the mizunos were so cute but they didn’t feel cushioned enough and knowing I’m running a marathon I think my joints need a bit of added help.

On Friday I had planned to run a 12 mile run but my knee was too painful so I decided the sensible option wasn’t to risk that distance. But I knew I needed to test out my new trainers obviously! So I asked my running buddy if she would pace me to a sub 30 minute 5km presuming my knee held up. And it did! And I beat my 5km PB and boy was I happy about it!

I then had two days rest whilst I was in Brighton, well I say rest, I did tons of walking! And then Monday I set out on my long 12 mile run. However being somewhere new, enjoying the scenery, the atmosphere (I LOVE BRIGHTON) I decided that sod it I’d do a half marathon distance! It was slow but I enjoyed it. In fact I loved every second of it. It was bloody awesome.

Being easter holidays my running routine is going to be a bit messed up over the next couple of weeks but I’m trying to get everything into place to complete as many of my session as I can!

Oh and I signed up for next years Brighton Marathon at the weekend….Banner-728x90


One thought on “Marathon Training Week 2

  1. Well done lovely. I am not sure if you remember I had so many problems with my knee when I was training for the London marathon in 2011, and really think it was due to too much training. This time, I am doing much less, and fingers crossed both mine and your knees will take us to the finish line 😉

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