Mutu system + thinking slimmer : Week 3

Ok so week 3 is a bit delayed. Week 3 went really well. Until I got a few twingey injuries and was told to do a weeks rest by my physio. I completed week 3 though and I have to say it was a killer.

Week 3 of Mutu sees the introduction of the intensive workout for the first time. Intensive is a bit of an understatement. As a general rule of thumb I avoid squats like they are the plague. Intensive workout 1 features loads of squatting. I had muscles aching I didn’t know I had. The intensive workouts are 3 x over which I have to admit I’m not a big fan of because one thing I hate in life is repetition but I stuck it out. Week 3 is also continuing to do the core workout 1 which I’ve started to learn off by heart now and can sometimes use the cheat sheet rather than the video.

Thinking slimmer is continuing to help with my eating. I’m not missing sweet stuff at all. Was talking to my friend about what il do when lent is over and I’ve decided I’m going to go to a chocolate one day a week rule through until the marathon. I’m making sure my portions are smaller and I’m trying to increase my protein intake over carbs with the exception of the night before long runs.

So I’ve had some rest time and tonight il get back on it with starting week 4 and hopefully not screwing up my little niggles! Let you know how I get on next week!


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