Marathon Training Week 3 – A BIG Wobble

Easy Run
Dist: 4mi
Tempo Run
Dist: 5mi, inc
Warm; 3mi@11:28; Cool
Long Run
Dist: 14mi

Well week 3. A week that was between me watching the Brighton Marathon and the London Marathon. My niggles seem to have sorted themselves out which may well be the new trainers and its obviously awesome news and I am thrilled. Last week I skipped my ‘easy’ run because I’d done a half on the Monday instead.

On the Wednesday I managed my tempo run and then Friday I had to do my long run as I couldn’t on the Saturday. I set out with a 14 mile route in my mind. I did it. I completed it. Well minus 0.10 but I think I can still claim blagging rights for that right? I spaced out my gels well, had an electrolyte drink half way round, sipping water the whole way, and yet the final two miles were HELL on earth. Literally felt like my legs would no longer function. By the time I got home up the stairs I collapsed on the bathroom floor feeling like I was about to throw up and pass out, not sure which was going to come first. After some head between legs action and a couple of glasses of water I managed to feel relatively ok again and the rest of the day was spent on the sofa.

Sunday I went into London to support the London Marathon runners. We had an amazing day and in some ways my favourite bit was cheering those who were doing over 7 hour times, having the sweeper busses coming past and the cleaners but still they plodded on knowing the finish was only a couple of miles away. But seeing the pain in their eyes also terrified me. It made me question my own fitness. Due to my varying niggles and injuries training hasn’t so far gone as I wanted it to. So I’m a bit scared now as to my own ability. I need to work at fuelling and hopefully that might help my long runs, maybe.

Any tips for fuelling? Especially the night before etc, vegetarian ideas 😉



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