Announcement! Virtual 5k Run/Walk/Scoot for The Lullaby Trust

Ok so this is just a quick announcement that as part of my fundraising for this years Skydive and also the marathon I’m running in May for The Lullaby Trust I am arranging a virtual 5km. Regular runners may know what this is but for those that dont its pretty simple.

1) You sign up on the event page on FB and pay your £5 to enter via Paypal. £4 of your £5 goes to the charity. You will be emailed a race number, you dont have to print it and run with it or anything, its purely for reference.

2) You go out and run/walk/scoot/skate a 5km distance (3.11 miles) and track it on an app such as nike+, runkeeper etc or on a GPS watch if you have one, or even a picture of a treadmill screen. The race is open for the whole of May, 1st to the 31st.

3) Send a photo of your evidence to the email address with your race number.

4) Wait at home for your shiny medal to arrive in the post!

You can enter children who may want to ride their bikes or scoot the distance etc but for each medal there needs to be a separate entry/race number. The medals are going to be engraved on the back and feature stars for beautiful Matilda Mae and will be on pink or purple ribbon.

Information on how to enter will be coming soon but in the meantime why not sign up to the event on Facebook to keep up to date?



One thought on “Announcement! Virtual 5k Run/Walk/Scoot for The Lullaby Trust

  1. Love this idea! I am going to walk and Paul will cycle and I will try to get as many people ivolved as possible. If we ask for sponsorship from friends and family, do we set up our own page or ask them to donate to yours?
    x x

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