Virtual 5km for Lullaby Trust : Update!

Well the response so far has been AWESOME. 10 people already paid for their places and 34 who have said they are taking part on the facebook event. I did a few sums and worked out that 50 people taking part would mean £200 for the Lullaby Trust. And 100 people taking part would mean £400!

So to recap slightly on yesterday.

1) You sign up on the event page on FB and pay your £5 to enter via Paypal (details on the FB event).
£4 of your £5 goes to the charity. You will be emailed a race number, you dont have to print it and run with it or anything if you don’t want to but if you do want to then you can. Its personal preference.

2) You go out and run/walk/scoot/skate a 5km distance (3.11 miles) and track it on an app such as nike+, runkeeper etc or on a GPS watch if you have one, or even a picture of a treadmill screen. The race is open for the whole of May, 1st to the 31st. You can do it anytime anywhere whenever suits you. Arrange to go with friends or just go by yourself.

3) Send a photo of your evidence to with your race number.

4) Wait at home for your shiny medal to arrive in the post!

You can enter children who may want to ride their bikes or scoot the distance etc but for each medal there needs to be a separate entry/race number, ie if your entering you and your daughter it will be £10 rather than £5.

The medals are going to be engraved on the back and feature stars for beautiful Matilda Mae and will be on pink or purple ribbon.

The reason I chose just a 5km distance was that its a manageable distance for most people so the most people can take part! Please do share with your friends and family, either via the blog post or sharing the FB event. The more people we tell the more money we can raise for such a fantastic charity in memory of a beautiful baby girl who was taken far too soon. I feared SIDS with both my children. And I never imagined that I would know of someone who would be affected by SIDS. But then Jennie who’s blog I had read for years was affected and as many bloggers know Matildas death affected alot of us in many ways. Together we can help raise lots of money for the Lullaby Trust to support families affected by SIDS. So if your thinking maybe I can walk/jog/run/dance a 5km then go for it. Sign up! Please 🙂  


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