Marathon Training Week 4 and 5 : 25 days to go!

Well after last times update theres alot to say! The week after my disastrous 14 miler that ended with me almost passing out on the floor. I realised part of it could have been because of low blood pressure. So I did some reading and looked at what I needed to do to improve mine and have adjusted my diet and managed to sort out my fuelling with the runs accordingly. For my 16 mile I managed to run 4 miles to my friends 9 with her and 3 home and survive without feeling like I was going to be ill. I had two lucozades along the way which helped keep my sodium levels up, I made sure I had plenty of gels frequently and took on board lots of fluids. And at the end I felt absolutely fine amazingly. Well as fine as you can feel after a 16 mile run! Only downside was feeling so sick towards the end because I’d had so many gels. Need to try taking on something a bit more solid next time.

Last Friday was supposed to be an 18 mile run however I’d had four hours sleep the night before and knew I’d be incredibly stupid to attempt it. Instead on Monday I went out and did 10. A very unmotivated I really dont want to do it 10 but I did it, mainly because I was with my lovely friend who motivated me out the door.

This weekend is the big one. 20 miles. My dad is going to join me on his bike so I have company. I have to admit I’m scared. Scared of how I’ll feel after. Scared of how I will feel whilst doing it. Scared of how 26.2 miles is going to feel….

Its 25 days until I run that 26.2 miles. Somewhere I don’t know. A city I’ve never been to. Im going to run 26.2 miles thinking of beautiful Matilda Mae and all the other angel babies taken too soon from their families from SIDS. I’m going to run in my Lullaby Trust vest knowing I’ve helped spread the word about their work and raised important funds for them. The virtual run has 20 people signed up so far, thats £80 already going to the lullaby trust. I’d love to get it to 50 people which would be £200 for the lullaby trust! Amazing right?! Check out this blog post for more info, and there are brand new trainers up for grabs.

I’ll also be launching a sweepstake soon for my marathon time with prizes so keep your eyes peeled!



One thought on “Marathon Training Week 4 and 5 : 25 days to go!

  1. I am so pleased you are doing well, and so know what it feels like you have to run 10miles but don’t feel like doing so….we have just moved and I will be running the Prague marathon this Sunday… So had to go for my long run despite being exhausted after moving. I did it, the worst run ever, but pleased I did as need to stay fit for the day. I am also scared of the 26.2 miles, but as I ran the London one before, I know we both will make it! The atmosphere on the day is amazing, and will get you through it. Good luck xxx

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