Mutu System + Thinking Slimmer : Week 5

Ok so week 5 has come a bit later than it should have done. I had a bit of a wobble week. Emotionally I was in a bit of a bad place over a few things and although my eating didn’t go off track the exercise did. So I decided to write it off and start a fresh.

So how has week 5 gone? I’ve refocused and managed to do Mutu Core every day. I haven’t managed all of my intensive workouts but thats partly been due to listening to my body and being sensible. With the marathon 25 days away I can’t risk injury, my calf is still tight and I can’t push it too hard. I’ve tried to space out the repeat circuits so rather than doing it 3 x over I’ve tried to do it morning, lunch and evening instead. However a chat on twitter with Mutu reassured me to not to feel pressured which made me feel a ton better.

In terms of eating obviously easter occurred, which meant that I was allowed chocolate again. It was quite scary knowing I was free to eat as much as I wanted but I actually didn’t eat that much in the end. And since then I’ve been pretty disciplined. I still have 4 easter eggs sitting there unopened which is pretty epic for me. I tried to tell myself choc only 1 day a week but it hasn’t worked that well. I’m not great at denying myself things!

However this big news this week was that I lost 3lb suddenly. I’ve been stuck at the same weight for 4 months. Although my body has changed a lot the scales haven’t. So I was shocked  when having done nothing different this week I had dropped 3lb. And it stayed that way for 3 days consistently so I’ve started to believe it now!

Now onwards and upwards to Week 6!


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