Weekends Suck.

Ok so maybe thats an overgeneralisation but its how I feel today. I’ve written before about being a single mum and finding weekends hard. I know I’m not alone. This week one of my friends put up on her FB to ask if others felt this way too. My response was that yes I’ve felt this way about Saturdays and Sundays for the past 7 years.

I despise weekends.

At least during the week you can take the kids out somewhere and you dont look out of place because most partners are out at work and its just the mum with the kids or sometimes the dad because mums working, so your all in the same boat of being solo. But at weekends if you go to the park its usually filled with families. If you go to the swimming pool its families. If you go to the coffee shop, its families.

Now dont get me wrong I’m not saying we are any less a family. Nor am I saying that I am desperate for a relationship because I’m not and any relationship I do have would never have expectations on that person to fill the gap. What I am saying is being a single parent is lonely.

Really bloody lonely sometimes.

Its just you. No matter how tired you are its only you there. Theres no one to help share the load with. Theres no one to hug you when you need a hug. To be a shoulder when you want to cry. Equally theres no one to share the happy times with, to share the laughs when the children do something funny or come out with a unique treasure. You have days where its just you and the kids. And those days can turn into a few days. When you see no one else, no friends because they are busy, no family because they are busy. And you get no adult conversation. Its just you and the kids. And you try to treasure it because you know you should. And you hold onto the little moments of humour. And giggles. And those short hours where you managed to fill it with some kind of activity.

And then you reach the end of the day. The children sleep. And all you want is someone to share the day with. Someone to talk with. To talk about the highs and the lows. To snuggle with. And theres no one. So you just crawl into bed and sleep. Because you know tomorrow the process is repeated.




One thought on “Weekends Suck.

  1. I know I am not a single mother, but during the week when Paul is away I do get a glimpse into what life could be like and you’re right. It is bloody hard. And lonely. And I’m sorry you’re feeling this way because you are one of the most loveliest people I have had the pleasure to meet. You don’t deserve to feel lonely at all. Sending lots of love
    x x

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