Mutu System + Thinking Slimmer – Week 6

Ok so week 6 is late, again, I’m getting good at doing this aren’t I?! In my defence my heads are very much in the books at the moment. I have 20 days to a psychology exam and feel I’m starting a total fresh on some of the information I need to remember so I’m revising every spare moment I get! However the nice part has been exercise is a ‘break’ from revision so I get to do an hour or so revising and than I have a break and do my Mutu workout, go for a run, hula hoop or play with kettlebells. Some of my fellow students find it nuts that exercise is my break but it really is for me! I enjoy exercising and I never thought I’d see the day I said that.

Weight wise I saw another lb drop off this week, which is strange again because I haven’t done anything differently that I haven’t been doing for the past 6 weeks anyway.

And the biggest thing. I have been able to put on 3 different pairs of size 12 trousers and THEY FIT! I can’t quite believe it and I’m not sure I’ll go trying on 12s in shops yet because I still can’t quite believe it. Like really can’t believe it. I’ve never been a 12. EVER! It feels really weird. I pulled them up thinking theres no way they are going to do up…. and they did! I was gobsmacked. Its a very strange feeling.

My relationship with my body is still love/hate. Today I got up and looked at my reflection and really liked it. But yesterday I hated it and couldnt stand what I saw, felt I was worthless and not worthy of anyone being attracted to me. Its a frustrating mind game sometimes.

Im still enjoying the Mutu workouts. I especially love the Mutu Core as I can fit it into my day so easily. I managed all my intensive workouts this week too although it took some juggling and a couple got split into two during revision but at least I did them.

I’m still listening to my slimpods daily and making notes of my daily positive changes. But I’ll have to change my goals now! One of my goals has been to fit into size 12 trousers…. and I’m there now …. I can’t ever imagine fitting into a 10. But maybe I should make that a goal. I don’t know. Thoughts?


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